If you're a heavy Facebook user then might 'see one or more of your friends participating in 30 Days of Gratitude – a public gratitude journal where people share the things they feel grateful about. I think all of my FB friends are participating in it. It's awesome to be reminded of all the good that's happening with the people around us. Every time when I log onto my account, I find out something new and awesome happening there. Counting down your blessings every day is an essentially powerful tool for shifting your perception about the world. And if you often find yourself catching the 'Negative' then it's a remedy for that thing too. When we post that gratitude on social networks, we inspire others too.

This sharing of gratitude in public often reminds me of a morning meditation that I've been doing since a few months now. It mixes the idea of ​​a gratitude journal with meditation and visualization to help in getting our day started the right way. I have decided to share that thing with you in this article. So are you ready to go?

First of all, it requires meditation for a few minutes. Many thoughts will come to mind during the meditation and you've to write down 3 to 5 thoughts that you feel grateful of (same things come to my mind again and again).

The next part is important because it makes this ritual different from a gratitude journal. When you meditate and not down the things that went well the day before, you become totally clear about the things that you did well in the life. This part is very important because it's easier to think of external things that you're grateful, but it's a bit difficult to point out those things about yourself (at least I think so). It took a few days of practice and I found that I'm critical of myself. I also discovered that this practice is a must for me because it makes me feel good about the world. It increases my confidence and helps me in clearing my intentions and character attributes that I wish to cultivate in me.

Now coming to the last step – spend a few minutes of your time and set an intention for the day. I'm not saying you to setup a to-do list. Instead, I'm saying to visualize that feeling that you want to have at the end of the day.

This short-term meditation works as a perfect complement with the Facebook gratitude for me. They sere as a perfect mix of community and self-reflection for me – one method is modern and technical while other is a bit old school (who likes to write with a paper and pen these days?). It's a perfect balance that I try to achieve in my yoga sessions too. And thanks to the traditions that make yoga more meaningful. Due to these traditions we can feel the best of both worlds-the old and the new.