Proper dedication and regularity are essential elements of yoga practice. They bring quality results in quickest possible time. But, along with regularity, a yoga mat also plays a big role in achieving positive results. It gives comfort and helps a lot in enhancing practice experience. The task of selecting mats is very difficult. People can get confused while selecting a mat. So, here are some tips to select durable and efficient yoga mats.

• Consider the factor of comfort- While selecting a yoga mat, the first thing which should be considered is comfort. You should pick a mat which is soft and flexible enough. A hard and inflexible mat can affect your practice very easily. It can also lead to back and muscle injuries. So, give best of your efforts and pick a mat which has a soft, cozy and comfortable feel. Without comfort, you can not perform complicated moves perfectly.

• Right size is very essential- The next thing which should be considered while buying a yoga mat is size. A Yoga mat should be perfectly sized. It should not be too small or too large. Today, almost sizes are available for yoga mats. You can easily pick a perfect size for your mat. Well sized mats will save space and will give a comfortable practice experience.

• Portability and weight is also important- After selecting a perfect size, you should consider the factors of portability and weight too. If you practice at yoga class then carrying a bulky mat will be big trouble for you. Your entire energy will get wasted in transportation only. So, consider your requirements and pick a portable and light weighed mat. There are various options to select a perfect and efficient mat.

• Grip of the mat is also important- The last thing which should be considered is strong grip of the mat. An essential yoga mat should provide proper grip for practice. It should stick to the surface and provide an efficient practical experience. Improper grip can lead to unexpected accidents so check the surface carefully.

These were some tips to select durable and efficient mats. An appropriate yoga mat plays a big role in enhancing the practice experience. It will not only give comfort but will also maintain your safety. So, consider these tips and give best of your efforts to avail best results. A right mat is an essential element for successful practice. Have a lot of fun!