Yoga is an ancient form of art that is also known as effective low-impact exercise and has several positive effects on your stress level, mood and blood pressure. Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga is one of the popular forms of yoga that is widely practiced today, owed to its health and physical benefits. This form of exercise is practiced in a room heated to over 100 degrees. This form of exercise is not intended for everyone, but anyone who gives it a shot can enjoy several mental and physical benefits for long run.

Heat Benefits

Practicing this form of art in a super heated room is just like having sauna bath. The heat produced inside the room increases the metabolism and pulse rate of the practitioners. It also allows the blood vessels to become flexible and supple which makes the blood circulation easier and faster and also gains blood flow in limbs. It is believed that the chances of injury in warmed-up muscles are less; therefore the heat produced in the room allows the body to move with more flexibility. Undoubtedly, you will sweat inside the room but the act of sweating will help you to manage the internal body temperature.

Practice Style

Hot yoga sessions include transitioning from one posture to another through a series known as Vinyasa. In this sequence the practitioners move to plank pose first, then down through high to low pushup and again up to cobra posture and finally downward-facing dog pose. The Vinyasa helps to keep the muscle flexible and warm. However, there is also an option where the practitioners can do individual poses with small breaks and without any transition. The environment is so warm that there is no requirement of flow between posts.

Mental Benefits

Alike all other styles of yoga, Hot Yoga also focuses on relieving stress and anxiety and promoting body-mind unity. When you practice this form of exercise you simply push yourself outside the discomfort zone which is definitely an accomplishment and gradually you will amaze to observe that the upper limit of what your body can do under extreme conditions is much higher than you imagined.


It is natural to sweat while practicing Hot Yoga, but it has several benefits attached to it. It is recommended that you should drink plenty of water before you start practicing this form of exercise. It is also important that you wear light clothes while practicing this exercise. The clothes should be breathable so that it allows the sweat to evaporate and skin to breathe. If you fell any symptoms of heat exhaustion like confusion, headache, nausea, weakness, poor vision and dizziness then it is better to leave the room immediately.