There are so many ways of releasing stress and anger. They should be released in any way and form so they do not go back to our bodies in the form of disease. The easiest way of releasing stress and / or anger is by taking a deep breath and hold it until the count of 20 and then exhale. You can do this five times or until your anger has subsided. If you are angry because of a certain person, then by all means walk away from that person because if you continue to stay or stare at each other, the more you will be angry.

You do not have to go into an argument because you know it will get you now. Just face back and walk away. Give each other space to let your anger against each other die down or just subside. And when both of you have cooled down, then you can face and talk about whatever it was you were arguing about without getting into an argument or the worst that could happen is to get into a physical fight.

Another way of releasing anger is by venting your anger at an object. If you are angry with your partner, you can always hit the pillow or the sofa or the wall and pretend that it is your partner you are punching. At least, this way both of you do not get hurt. So much anger kept inside can give you stress, which both is not good for your health. Just be careful you do not get hurt whenitting a wall.

So much stress can give unwanted wrinkles and lines on your face which can be permanent. Another bad effect of stress is can give you heart disease, headache which can lead to migraine. When someone is stressed out, he / she is not in a good mood and will always be angry with anyone he encounters. Bad words may be said and hard to retract which can leave a very bad impression on another person. We get mad for all the wrong reasons and to anyone because of all the stress piled up inside our system.

A way of releasing stress and anger is by going to a cool place in your house and do breathing exercises to release all the pent-up emotions in your body. Going to the gym is also a very effective way of releasing stress and anger. If you are angry, you have so much energy to do all the work-outs and thereby work to your advantage. You released all the stress and anger and you lose weight as a result. Women who are stress and angry should go shopping to release all the bad emotions inside. This is good when you have enough money.

The downside of this is that you end up buying unnecessary items and regret it afterwards. Another way of releasing stress and anger is by going to a spa. You can have yourself pampered here by having a body massage and a beauty treatment too. This is also expensive but nowdays there are spa and salons that offer services at a very affordable price.