The New Year is a time of transition and introducing mindful practices that should be your top priority. Along with the celebration and cheer, it's time for you to make some amends in your lifestyle leading you on the path of positive energy and mastering the art of living. With every passing year, all of us tend to make a short list of New Year resolutions. Here, this year, make an earnest attempt to take up yoga and walk the route to good health and peacefulness.

If you're considering adding yoga to your 2014's resolution list, here are a few reasons that will encourage you to take up this intense and ancient form of relieving all the negative energy, making space for some positive vigor.

5 top reasons to take up yoga this New Year:

1. Great workout for the mind and body –

Yoga is unduly the best workout for your body. Irrespective of whether you practice it at home or at a professional training center, its benefits become visible in barely any time. In addition, as compared to other workouts, yoga gives you the leverage to adapt to the practices at your own speed and level of comfort. The mind receives a sense of calmness and clearance as this form of exercise requires you to practice it silently.

2. Betters your breathing technique –

Forming a major part of asanas, breathing is a common thread that links all the varieties of yoga routines and practices together. The exercises assist you to focus your breathing, which soon forms a major part of your regular lifestyle. These breathing techniques and tricks aid you in effectively managing stress as well as make you feel lighter, both physically as well as mentally!

3. Improves your posture –

If bad post is something that holds your concern, worry not! Get involved in this workout form and get acquainted with the most relieving postures. Begin your practice with yoga and sculpt your back into the erect posture you've always dreamed of. Make sure to buy yoga wear to ensure your outfit does not hinder the position or posture you're trying to practice.

4. Meditate your way to a healthier you –

The unique selling point of meditation is certainly the fact that it can be practiced anywhere and everywhere. Its stress relieving and positivity boosting capability is immune. All it takes is five minutes with some time and serenity. Opt for certain yoga accessories that could assist you in your yoga-oriented journey through the New Year.

5. Develop your physical and mental strength –

The whole point of living a positive life is having a strong physical and mental capacity. Practicing yoga helps you focus on the moment and clear your mind off any stress; physical or mental. The stretches and positions ensure a strong physical strength giving you the much-desired peace of mind and sound state of body.

The above-mentioned five reasons state the true benefits of practicing yoga. Here, it's time to kick-start the New Year by inculcating this workout in your daily routine. You could also purchase some yoga products such as fitness equipment, yoga clothing, etc., to ring in the New Year on a healthy note.