Teaching Your First Yoga Class

Will you be willing to teach your first class after finishing yoga instructor training or you will be downright nervous. Whichever way, when you're doing it, at first, teaching yoga classes is expected to be hard. There's so much to keep in mind, and you want to come into the confident rather than terrified. The key to your success starts in preparation and being sure to yourself.


No doubt, you'll have already made plans regarding the asanas you plan to educate, but there are also other factors to consider. For example, do you want to use songs and literature? Doing so can add to a class or decrease its efficiency based on how it's introduced and whether it inhibits more important issues. If accessories confuse you or make the lesson more complicated than it needs to be, it's probably best leaving them out.

You'll have so many things on your mind as your first yoga class time approaches, but do not overlook important facts. Ensure that the place is booked and you have insurance plan.

Have a lot of area free time before teaching so that you can get to class in good time. Expect difficulties such as congested zones and just be pleased if they do not happen. You can use the extra time that's available to calm your soul and body by doing out meditation workouts.

Do not be worried to jot notes in a book that you keep by your side during class. Review the main tips to take in the lesson and emphasize words that induce your memory. You will not need to study from the book aloud, but you can look at it. Even if you do not need it, just knowing that it's there will give you with confidence.


Greet your class independently if possible and ask silently as to if they have any healthy complaints that might impact their exercise. Meeting each person is also helpful and creates a good impression. Moreover, if you've already welcomed your learners with a smile, you'll have broken the ice before you start the teaching.

You may feel a little worried due to anxiety, but try to concentrate on how your learners might be feeling instead of focusing on your emotions. Perhaps they are worried too! Work at what makes them feel welcomed and comfortable and your condition of mind will be positive and comfortable. You will not need to inform them that you are new to teaching or ask for forgiveness if you make the odd mistakes here and there. Just aim to provide the best encounter possible for your class and correct any errors with a smile.

Teaching a yoga class, at first, may tend to be like something hard to do, but keeping emotions of humor and placing your worries as goodwill will help you glow.