Should You Complete a Yoga Teacher Training?

Almost every yoga studio has a yoga teacher training program. If you train consistently, you have probably seen the instructors talk to learners about it. For the right people, completing a yoga training can be life-changing step.

But it's important to know what you're getting into since classes are not organized to tight, if any, high quality specifications. While studios can pay to become authorized with Yoga Partnership, an approval to show yoga schools and instructors, they do not have to. Even studios that are authorized are not firmly controlled.

I learn the hard way that not all yoga teacher classes are reasonable expensive. Of the six I've completed, only one was really worth the money and time. If you think you are prepared to become a qualified yoga instructor, ask yourself these questions before you decide to say yes:

1. Are you a good fit?

In my opinion, yoga teacher training only advantages people who want to educate. It's a good concept to have at least two or three years of encounter as an individual before you consider educating yoga. The best trainers make the best instructors.

If you basically need to learn about yoga and expand your exercise – but do not know if you want to educate – there are better options for you. Some studios have immersion programs, for example, which can be good for learning system. In them, you focus exclusively on learning yoga by learning the poses, the exercise and the philosophy behind it. Once you finish an immersion package, you will probably have a much better feeling of whether or not you want to educate. If you choose to enroll in the teacher training program, you'll have a strong foundation of knowledge to develop on, what will help increase the bar for those who are really serious about training.

But beware: Lots of studios do not have any specifications to enroll in their training. In one of my training programs, a personal instructor who had only trained yoga twice was also approved to get his yoga certification.

2. Do you have the time?

Most teacher classes are 200 hours. They are usually offered in two different formats. One is a long program where you meet for one end of the week a month for about seven months. The other one is an intensive, month-long coaching where you will be at training every week day for six hours each day. Either way, the training is a challenging task. Be sure to look forward at the coaching approach. Do not commit unless you're prepared to change your programs accordingly.

3. Is the studio reputable?

Look for a training that holds you accountable with projects, has an obvious program and makes expectations. A training that needs you to have basic knowledge of yoga before enrolling, conditions you exercise consistently and is well-planned is a program you'll probably get a lot out of.

4. Do you connect with the teacher?

Because yoga is such a personal encounter, and training is very romantic, it's important to choose the right teacher for you. To get a feeling of how you connect with a potential teacher, be sure to take his or her class at least 10 times and pay attention to the educating philosophy. If you feel comfortable with it and trust the person educating the course, and he or she is an expert, organized teacher, you'll be more likely to enjoy your teacher training encounter.

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Interesting Reasons to Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is becoming popular by the day in today's society. This is because it will help to sustain wellness and reduces pressure at some point. Many people would go to yoga sessions and learn the art of yoga, and stop right where they are at this point. Even though there is nothing wrong with this, it will not help you go further on the topic. If you want to go further in yoga, a very important thing is to become a Yoga teacher yourself. This content provides that 10 important reasons to become a yoga instructor yourself.

Becoming a yoga instructor will help you to take your yoga exercise to the next stage. This will help you to improve the relationship with your higher self. It will help to become more conscious of your unlimited potential too. Practice makes it perfect. The more you educate yoga to your learners, the more you will exercise it yourself. This will help to reinforce the exercise even further.

Becoming a yoga teacher will help you to take the cost of your life. It will help to develop a good relationship with your higher self. You may be more attuned to your intuition with frequent exercise of yoga. Following your intuition will allow you to live a more satisfied life on the world.

Yoga will help you to remain more focused on a day to day basis. Yoga uses many meditation methods to enhance one's focus. Kundalini yoga makes use of many “applied meditation” methods that will work on the hypothalamus to develop your focus in steps and boundaries.

Yoga will surely create you love your lifestyle and help to cultivate more self-assurance in the process. When we reflect on how endowed we are, it automatically allows to make our life simpler. Contentment is one of the advantages of yoga, which will help in improving our confidence.

You will automatically incorporate the regard for your learners when you become a yoga teacher. The better you're teaching, the more learners would be drawn to you. This will help you become a popular personality among your collections. Respect and popularity are two of the other advantages of becoming a yoga expert.

Become healthier and glowing by becoming a yoga teacher. Yoga will help to improve your actual as well as psychological wellness in steps and boundaries. You improve your overall wellness when you become a yoga instructor.

Breaking old adverse styles is another advantage of being a yoga instructor. Yoga meditations will help you to be conscious of your adverse psychological ways. This will be helpful in knowing these styles and developing more positive psychological styles in the long run.

A Yoga teacher would positively uplift others who associate with them. He or she would be a positive impact on the lives of other people in society. This is another important advantage of becoming a yoga teacher.

Yoga will help to reduce pressure and adverse emotions in an effortless way. You will be able to manage adverse emotions is a more constructive way by becoming a yoga instructor. Mental quality is another advantages of becoming a yoga teacher.

Earn an income while doing what you love. This is what happens when you become a yoga instructor. You are able to educate yoga to learners by asking for a reasonable fee which will help to resolve your financial problems to a larger level. You are also doing what you love when you become a yoga instructor.

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Enjoy Better Life With Yoga

Everyone wants to look fit and healthy. The result of this is that you live comfortable and you can also enjoy your life to the fullest. If you get close to people that are not healthy, you will discover how uncomfortable these people are. It becomes even worse if one is stroke with a condition that can not be remedied. But who said it can not be fixed? Yoga is excellent at fixing a lot of health related problems. This ancient practice has a lot of positive benefits that the body can not resist. There are a lot of sicknesses that it is capable of providing solutions to.

The most important thing is to join a reputable yoga class. The teachers there will help you to align your pose and also choose a yoga pose that is convenient for you. It is so amazing to do yoga with other students in the class. This will also enable you to stay motivated and committed to your training. They will also challenge you to work harder. That is just the basic truth. When you see someone you feel you should be better than in a particular style of pose, doing what you could not do, you are somehow challenged to put in more effect in order to get better.

Again, it is important for new yoga students to know that practicing yoga is a personal race. As a matter of fact, you are not competitive with anyone. You just have to tell yourself this simple truth and work harder. This will help you to get better and achieve your desired results. When you see yourself as someone who is in a competition, you might get tempted to want to push yourself too hard. Try not to exceed your limit, because it might cause more harm than good. If you discover that you are going too far with the stretches, you can stop or readjust.

Also ensure that what you are putting on is fit for the journey ahead. Preparation is the key to a successful yoga practice. Prepare yourself very well and make sure that you are wearing the right dress for yoga and you are also making use of the right mat. Do not make use of a mat that is slippery, as this will make you uncomfortable. Most people would like to take off their shirts while doing yoga. Well, the best thing to do in this case is to find out wherever where you are doing your practice permits it, before even getting to the venue.

And Lastly, try as much as possible to get close to your yoga instructor. He or she must be a kind person kind person, so go close and make your intentions known to your teacher.

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Night Time Yoga Routine

Four gentle poses to promote healthy sleep with a night time yoga routine.

It feels so amazing to wind down, after passing through a long stressful day. The night yoga will make your night rest, a lovely and peaceful one. Below are some of the yoga poses you can perform. It will help your body to relax properly at night, after passing through the stress of the day.

The Child's Pose:

This is a very gentle pose that you can use to warm up your body for a gentle relaxation to come by. To perform this, start by sitting on top of your bent knees. Another thing you have to do is to stretch your arms upward, and also lift your torso up. After that lower it slowly, onto your yoga mat below. The focal point in this particular type of pose, is to keep your bottom, touching your feet, while simultaneously stretching forward with your arms. The result is always great. It will cause a deep lengthening of the spine as well as stretch in the arms.

Legs up the wall inversion

This is another great yoga pose. The inversion pose, drains the blood from your lower body, and brings the mind to a state of peace. It is very simple to practice, as it involves a series of stretches and breathing that must be followed accordingly. Your yoga instructor will tell you what to do, especially if you are new to yoga.

The rolling pose

We encounter a lot stressful activities almost every day. Most times, we even over work our body, both physically and mentally, to the extent that we even breakdown. At this point, we begin to look for how we can relax the body or bring it back to shape. Yoga can help us to reduce tension, which is built up over the course of the day. An example of such pose that can be of help to us is the rolling pose. When performing this particular type of yoga pose, ensure that you do it several times, in order to promote the release of fluid in the spine.

The Corpse pose

The corpse pose is just the best way you can put an end to your night time yoga routine. The simple reason is because it mimics sleep. One thing you must do while performing this pose is to concentrate on your adjustment. This is necessary, to promote ultimate relaxation.

What's great about this nighttime yoga routine is that it can be completed in the five minutes before you go to bed. Just dedicate one to two minutes per pose. These poses can even be completed in bed!

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Yoga For Perfect Posture And Skeletal System

One major reason why people turn to yoga for solutions, is because of what they have heard or have been told about the practice. Yoga offers amazing benefits that even the person standing next to you can testify to. Let's start by saying this; what do you think about, anytime you step on that mat? Or what is the brain behind the motivation to always want to practice harder? For some people, their mind as already been made up to possess that hourglass shape no matter what. This keeps them motivated and makes them even want to do more. When you consider where you are coming from, you will feel pushed to want to do everything possible to stay motivated. The truth is that no one wants to go back looking the same, especially when you have invested your time and money to the course.

When you think about the pressure from family and friends to cut down on that excess fat, there would be nothing stopping you from moving ahead. That is the basic truth about humans. Something has to keep you motivated. It will be the first thing that comes to your mind when anything you step onto your mat to do your regular routine. There are a lot of benefits that one can gain from yoga. It can give you perfect post, prevent cartilage as well as joint break, and also protects your spine.

Perfect posture

If you want to achieve proper posture, then the best thing to do is to keep practicing. Yoga has lots of benefits and there is no doubt about that. But the truth of the matter is that one has to be very consistent. Another thing is to work with a qualified yoga instructor. He or she has the ability to help you align your pose. Most of the issues that people who choose to practice alone without the help of their yoga instructor faces, is poor posture. This can also result in injuries in most cases. Instead of starting yoga practice on your own, you can go for a qualified yoga instructor that will guide you. It may interest you to know that fatigue is not the only cause of the problem you are facing. Poor posture can also cause neck, back as well as other muscle and joint problems too.

Prevents the breakdown of joint and cartilage

It is important to know that you take your joints through their full range of motion, each time you perform yoga. This can also help to prevent degenerative arthritis or stop disability by squeezing as well as soaking areas of the cartilage that are not normally used. Our joint cartilage is just like a sponge. It receives fresh nutrients, only when its fluid is squeezed out and then a fresh supply can be soaked up.

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How To Begin Your Yoga Journey

What to Pack in Your Yoga Bag

Before you even think of packing your bag, you need to decide what you will be wearing for your yoga sessions. I honestly believe that to get the most out of your practice, you need to be comfortable, and feel good in what you are wearing. There are so many beautiful yoga clothes available now days, and the best part is that you do not even have to change. They look so good, that you continue to wear them for the rest of the day. Here are some suggestions that we have put together.

The best thing about having a packed yoga bag, is that no matter where you are, you will be able to do yoga. There are loads of yoga apps available on the internet, which means that you can travel the world with your bag, and stay fit. And, if you are not sufficient enough to travel, you can go to the local beach, or near nature reserve, or park, and set up your own personal yoga studio. Not all of us need all of the below, but some of them are necessities for some of us.

Yoga bag

I would suggest getting a really good quality yoga bag, that you know will last for a long time. Make sure that it is not too heavy, as you will be filling it up, and the less you have to lug around the better.

Yoga Mat

I highly recommend a yoga mat that is non-slip, and fairly cushioned. You should be able to place it on any surface, and still have a smooth even surface to workout on.

Yoga Towel

If you are doing yoga at a studio or gym, it is great to have your own yoga towel to place over their mats. They are the same size as the mats, and non-slip. With the added bonus, you can use it to shower with.

Yoga Blocks

I use mine often, since my back is not that supple, and the support of the blocks really asserts me in getting the most out of certain yoga postures.

Yoga Strap

An essential for every single yogi. It is an amazing tool, to help with leg and arm stretching exercises.

Cushioned Mat

My little memory foam mat, cushions my knees and shoulders, depending on what we are doing. The ultimate yoga luxury.

Eye Bag

My favorite at the end of a yoga class, is relaxation. Using an eye bag relaxes my eyes and blocks out the light, enabling me to go into a defect meditation.

Non Slip Socks

The best on a cold day. In Summer I always do yoga barefoot, but because my feet get so icy cold in Winter, I love to wear sox, and the non slip ones enable me to do a class easily with them on.


It is always healthy to drink a lot of water. Not during the session, but after it, once you have detoxed all of your organs, there is nothing like a bottle of purified water to wash out all the toxins.

Toilet Bag

If I am not going straight home, I always keep on me a little bag with deodorant, lipstick, sunblock, lip balm, money, my reading glasses etc. etc. etc.

No more excuses now! Pack up, and off you go. I am aiming at doing Yoga 3 times a week, and loving every moment of it. Yoga tones my body, uplifts my soul and is stimulating for my mind.

Kerri, and I were privileged enough to attend 3 days of yoga workshops last week, at The Source in Cape Town. If you are looking for a studio, I would highly recommend joining them for their yoga classes.

All of the above products can be purchased at

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Yoga For Flexibility And Muscle Strength

If you are a passionate yogi, you would have noticed some benefits that the practice would have created in your body system. You probably would have noticed some benefits of yoga in your body. You will see yourself sleeping better or even getting less colds. You also feel more relaxed and always at ease. If you talk to any yoga newbie, you will discover some comments about the benefits of yoga that will thrill you. You will probably hear comments like “It increases prana's flow” or “It helps to bring up energy in your spell.”

There have been several research papers that are made to ascertain the benefits of yoga. Scientists from the western world, are starting to provide more concrete clues concerning how yoga works. Yoga works to improve health, heal pains as well as aches, and also keep sickness at bay. Having this understanding about the benefits of yoga, will keep you motivated. People are looking for what to motivate them to practice regularly. Thinking about the benefits alone, is enough motivation that should keep anyone strong.

A lot of yogi, can tell you wonderful experiences of how yoga transformed their lives. If you have not had much stories to tell about its benefits, just keep practicing and one day you will achieve your desired result. It is important to pay strict attention to your yoga instructor, if you want to learn faster. The truth of the matter is that yoga teachers are willing to open up to their students. A lot of them want you to experience and benefit, just the way they did. It is easier for you to share testimonials of the generous benefits of yoga, especially when you have experienced it yourself. This time, people are not the ones telling you but rather, you are the one telling them about your experience.

Some of the benefits of yoga are what anyone can experience. It comes after a short while of practicing the asanas, in the proper way. Pose alignment is very critical. This is even the more reason why you need a qualified yoga coordinator. He or she will put you through the various poses and how to do it properly.

1. Improvement of flexibility

One of the obvious benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. As a matter of fact, it is considered as the first benefit. As newbie, you might not be able to touch your toes or do some things at the beginning, but never mind. Continue to do a backbend. If you stick with this, you notice a gradual loosing taking place, and poses that where impossible will suddenly become possible. You also notice some of those aches and pains disappearing.

2. Builds muscle strength

Having stronger muscles do more than make you look good. It will also help to protect you from conditions such as arthritis as well as back pain. It will also help to prevent falls in elderly people. Also, when you build up strength through yoga, you also balance it up with flexibility. If you just visit the gym and lift weights, you might just be building strength but at the expense of flexibility.

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Staying Fit While at Work

Having a consistent fitness routine is the best way to keep your body in good physical shape and your mind healthy. Being active does not mean you need to spend many hours in the gym. Doing the things you love, like walking in the rain, swimming and spending time with loved ones in the woods is the best way to exercise. You can also find ways to fit in some much-needed activity at work, such as taking the stairs and getting up from your desk to walk a short distance every hour.

A typical employee sets in front of his desk for eight hours or more, answering telephone calls, surfing the internet, writing office communications, and other desk-bound tasks. Sitting all day increases the chance of being obese. There are risks of acquiring bad posture, muscles cramps, and back pains. Stretching and deep breathing techniques at your desk can help you to keep you pain and stress free while at work.

Stretching is an important and easy way to reduce back pains and neck strain. Maintain proper posture by adjusting the height of your chair and keeping your lower space flat against the back of your chair. This will keep your back and neck erect and decreases the chance of hunching forward that will lead to spasms and headaches.

To activate your chest and shoulders during a long day at work, do chair dips. Place both hands on your chair arms and slowly lift your bottom off the chair, straightening your arms. Lower yourself back down and stop when your bottom is a few inches off the seat, count to 5. Do it 15 times. Avoid sore wrist by moving your both wrist in circles 10 times.

For lower-body stiffness, try extending your lower leg, alternating right and left. Then, sitting in your chair, lift one leg and straighten it, but do not bend your knees, count to three and lower your foot and hold for several seconds. Do it again with your other leg.

Standing burns more calories than sitting. Instead of using a phone to talk with your colleagues, walk to their desk and have a face-to-face talk. Stand and stretch your body in answering phone calls. This will relax your body a little bit and will also build a stronger connection with your collections.

Walk or bike to work. If you ride a bus or subway, get off a few blocks or at an earlier stop and walk the rest of the way. Walking ten extra minutes a day could help you burn additional calories and make you feel more alive. When running an errand, use stairs rather than elevators. Climbing stairs are taking steps towards your fitness goals. Use a pedometer to monitor your physical activity and remind you to keep walking. A pedometer is a small device that counts every step you make.

Bringing fitness gear to work will also help. Bring a yoga mat that you can use during your break time, or a stretch ball to relax your hands and fingers after using computers. Trade your usual office chair to a fitness stability ball. You can also do push-ups while waiting. Tie resistance bands – stretchy cords or tubes that offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them – on cabinets or drawers and do some arm curl between tasks.

Organize lunchtime walking groups with your comrades. Encourage everyone to have regular exercise at work and even at home. Schedule walking meetings, if the weather cooperates, take your walking meetings outdoors. Having a regularly scheduled exercise time with your team is an excellent way of making sure you exercise on a consistent basis and will form friendships in a shared activity that you can enjoy weekly.

Monitor your diet, eating habit, and food intake. This is the most important thing. No amount of exercise can make up for a poor diet. Eating cooked vegetables will give you nutrition and improve your digestion. A homemade lunch instead of vending machine goodies will save your wallet and trim your waistline. Drink warm water before, during, and after your activities to stay hydrated. Every system in your body needs water to avoid energy drain and fatigue.

Avoid staying long in front of the TV at home. Your eyes will be tired because of computers and screens at work. Relax your eyes. And go to bed before 10:00 pm to rest early and save more energy for tomorrow. You might even be able to get up and work out before work!

Keeping active does not have to be hard. Just keep your body moving. Track your progress and make moving easy and fun. You will make your body fit and also build stronger relationships with people around you. And this will lead you to a life full of joy!

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Some Considerations for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

If you have been getting yoga training and exercising it on your own for a while – maybe months or even years, it is natural to be curious about getting to next stage to become a yoga teacher.

There are, however, many important things to take into consideration for those fascinated in becoming a yoga teacher.

Changing from Student to Teacher

One important thing to take into consideration is the reality that changing from a yoga student to an instructor is not an overnight change. Fulltime yoga instructors caution ambitious yoga instructors to really contemplate their motivation to teach yoga, as it can take between six months to a year to create a strong platform as an instructor.

Commitment to Practice

Another important consideration for ambitious Yoga teachers is to approach teaching with a feeling of openness and a commitment to deepening your yoga exercise as the best way to be prepared to teach learners. It is important for those fascinated in educating yoga to know that doing so is a life-long journey that is continuously evolving and studying new things of the exercise to share with others. Even after many years of encounter and innovative certification, many yoga instructors are still always studying new stuff about the exercise.

The Art of Teaching

In addition to being a consistently deepening encounter, educating yoga is much more than merely demonstrating yoga postures. Many yoga instructors caution that being able to perform innovative poses does not actually mean you will be an excellent yoga instructor, and vice-versa, that being an excellent yoga instructor does not always mean you will be able to do the most innovative postures.

Teaching yoga is a new art in itself, that needs you to talk flowingly through the lessons, not to sound boring, provide right hints, provide the best updates and provide the best spoken instructions to help learners understand the poses with convenience.

Deciding to Teach

Once the opportunity to become an instructor comes up, whether a buddy recommends it to you or whether you step forward and ask about doing so, knowing to teach is the first thing to becoming an instructor. If you exercise at a yoga studio that you like what happens to offer an instructor coaching program, determining to take it might be natural next step. For others, however, there are several more considerations.

Length of Training

One of these is how much time you can devote to the instructor training. Some programs are one or two month programs, while others have a couple of two-week modules throughout the course of the year. Still other yoga teaching programs need one to two years or more.

Whether you choose a set of Saturdays and Sundays for a long period of time or an intensive one-month course, yoga coaching is punishment.


Other considerations to think about when thinking of a yoga teacher course consist of whether you are willing to journey and if the school you wish to take training from is authorized with the Yoga Corporation.

Style of Yoga

Think properly also about what design of teaching will feel most genuine for you personally, as well as the amount of money you can reasonably invest on a teaching program. Once you answer all these questions, you will be prepared to register for a program best suited for your needs and passions.

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Reasons It’s Time for a Yoga Teacher Training

I consider yoga instructors as a key society of warriors. Warrior one is your local yoga teacher whose category you can not skip (Ie you may have changed your time for marriage to attend the lessons). Warrior one is the Yoga teacher who travels the world hosting convention planned meetings and propagates the love to millions of yogis. Warrior three might be the person in the office. At work she goes in just like you, in education she comes just like you, at the shopping center she probably usually spends just like you, and she also happens to be a yoga teacher.

Yoga instructors vary from the superstar to the non-practicing, and all teach the skills of yoga teacher training (YTT). If you have thought about a yoga teacher training before, here are some reasons it's time to take the step:

Deepen your real exercise – Yoga training programs get learners of all stages together to learn from each other's different body types, accidents, stages, and strong points. Seeing a fellow classmate do her first headstand was a great personal win for me during my coaching. You know those kind of poses you always wish the trainer avoids in class? Well, you may find yourself learning to love them as you research and embody the correct position, modifications and advantages of each pose in details.

Learn some new skills – Whether you need additional training hours for a research, or want to become self-employed, attaching a yoga class is something to add to the long list of things you are experienced at. Once you have completed your coaching, you will officially be qualified to sign-up with Yoga Partnership as an Authorized Yoga Instructor and access guidelines for beginning your own studio, getting new learners, and enjoy doing what you love. Becoming a yoga teacher offers the freedom of self-employment as well as the versatility of educating both locally and internationally.

Find your yoga members of the family – If there is one overlooked advantage of yoga teacher training programs, it is the yoga members of the family you will get connected to for years after your last lesson.

Challenge yourself psychologically and physically – One of my best says my yoga teacher told me during classes was “As a starter your thoughts is in a million items and your body is whole. is whole “. As I deepened my real exercise and included mechanisms of meditation, restorative asana, and chanting, I found myself becoming more capable both psychologically and physically. While I pushed myself through several hours of exercise each day, I found the asanas only comprise one of eight divisions of yoga. I started to explore all of the other ways to develop a more well-rounded and healthy way of life.

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Uttanasana: Benefits Of The Standing Forward Bend Pose

The meaning of “ut” in Sanskrit is intension while “tan” simply means to stretch or extend. Asana also means pose. In the English language, Uttanasana is known by all as the standing forward bend. You can describe it in any language that you want, but the simple truth is that this posture is incredibly beneficial. Its benefits are both therapeutic and also revitalizing. What happens when you practice Uttanasana is that your head always below your heart. This causes blood to flow to your head, rather than moving to your feet. Once this occurs, it gives your cells a rejuvenating boost of oxygen, which is very beneficial to our body system and wellbeing.

One thing beginners need to be aware of is that yoga is very delicate. When practicing, it is important to align your pose properly, in order to avoid any complications. For Uttanasana, if you want to enjoy it, you must practice with a licensed yoga practitioner.

Starting the standing forward bend pose

Begin with the mountain pose (Tadasana). Rest your hands on your hip region. Exhale and bend your body forward from your hip joint rather than your waist. Draw your belly in slightly and focus on the lengthening of your front torso, as you go deeper in Uttanasana. Make sure that you keep your knee straight, and place your fingertips or palms on the floor, near your feet or touching the back of your ankles with your palms. If you want to modify this movement, just cross your forearms and also hold your elbow.

The standing forward pose has a lot of benefits. It helps to stretch the hips, hamstrings as well as calves. It also strengthens the thighs as well as knees. The standing forward bend pose helps to keep the strong and flexible. This is one of the aspirations of many yoga practitioners. They want to achieve flexibility at all cost. It is good to achieve this but if you are not there, do not get discouraged. One has to be very consistent when practicing, so keep on and one day, the result will come. If you are looking for a way to ease out from stress, this yoga pose can help you. The standing forward bend pose, helps to reduce stress as well as anxiety. It also reduces depression and fatigue. If you are also looking for a way to calm your mind and also soothe your nerves, try this pose. It works perfectly for such conditions and also helps to activate your abdominal muscles. The list of benefits for the standing forward bend pose is inexhaustible. It also helps to ease the symptom of menopause, asthma and also improvements digestion.

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Yoga: What You Should Know After Practicing

The way and many in which some people leave their lives, will astonish you. It may not be another persons' concern how you live your life, but the truth is that the people around you are the ones that bears the brunt, when things go wrong. Now let's face the fact, most of us are tired of taking the normal medication. This might even be as a result of the fact that we are already aware of the side effects and risks that we expect how system to. Also, most people can not live without taking one or two drugs daily. In most cases, their life may depend on this, but how about going for an alternative treatment? Well! It is not that most people can not commit themselves to practice yoga, but staying consistent is their major challenge. Yoga is not what you practice once in a way, but it is something that you do consistently. You can practice it once or twice in a week, which is okay but make sure you are consistent in it. If you look at the challenge that is before you, and how you can cur them by giving yourself just a little push, I am sure you will be serious about your practice.

There are a lot of things that you can learn about life, when practicing yoga. Some of which can come natural, while some is just how the practice is structured. Yoga builds that self-awareness. It also makes you to place more value on your body. It teaches you and also give you a reason to make your body feel great, and look great, and also do what's necessary to stay fit. When you start practicing yoga consistently, you will discover that you do not just eat anything that comes your way. You watch what you eat and also concentrate on eating healthy. You start living a healthy life, and place more value on yourself. Yoga does not only help to reduce the excess weight of people that are obese, but it also causes them to maintain it. It indirectly tells you how precious life is, and why you must do everything to stay alive.

Yoga also teaches us to be patient. Rome was not built in a day, so do not expect your yoga mastery to get better all of a sudden. It is a gradual process and getting there requires some level of patience and consistency. If you want to become a master in yoga, then you have to earn it. It does not just come like that, but it is a gradual process. Another thing that will enable you to get there faster is to be consistent. Yes! We have said this a thousand times but that is just the simple truth. Yoga also teaches us to be focused. It does just work alone for adults but for children as well. Children are easily distracted. This can be a good option to make them to concentrate well in school and anywhere they find themselves.

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Doga: Yoga for Dogs and Their Owners

Doga is a very interesting type of yoga. It gives you the privilege to practice your favorite asanas with your furry friends. A lot of people who practice yoga today, are aware of the many health benefits that it has to offer. It helps to improve our flexibility, strength to reduce stress levels as well as less tension in the body and mind. Yoga can work wonders in humans, it also has the same effect on animals, especially your pets.

Doga, also referred to as dog yoga, is a form of pet yoga. This particular type of yoga is very popular among pet owners, who are desperate to bring the healing benefits of this ancient practice to their furry companion. Here is how doga can benefit yoga lovely dog, and the precaution you should follow to ensure that your dog fully benefits from it.

What are the involvements in Doga?

A typical doga class can last from about 20 minutes to some hours. You will find beautiful dogs and their owning owners, executing series of asanas. In most cases, the dogs are utilized as weights or pros. The dog and its owner can practice yoga, in a form of partnership. For instance, during Warrior I, the owner will lift the dog towards the sky, or the dog may rest on the bent legs of the owner, during a boat pose. There are other poses which allows both the dog and its owner to rest together. An example of this is by holding the dog in your lap, especially during a laid forward bend.

Unity between the dog and its owner

Yoga has a purpose. Its main focus is to develop a strong coal between a dog and its owner. The simple reason is because yoga specifically focuses on unity between the body, mind as well as the spirit. Most people that practice doga, have found that when they perform these asanas with their dogs, the bond that they create is even stronger than the one they had before. Typical doga sessions have many constituents. These include meditation, chanting, massages as well as stretches. These are all structured to calm the pets and their owners, while also strengthening their connection, one to another.

Doga has other benefits. This extends beyond improving the bond that exist between humans and their dogs. Most people who practice doga with their dogs, have noticed some form of calmness that their puppies become more focused.

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Treat Your Anxiety and Depression With Yoga

Anxiety and depression is a mental state in which a person is totally subdued. Many uneasy physical pains also arise due to this such breathlessness, restlessness, eating disorders, narcolepsy or even sometimes people are sleep deprived. First let us properly understand anxiety.

What is anxiety?

It is a mental state caused due to long term stress that historically causes a barrier in the positive energy flow. Many times it causes limitless worry, fear and nervousness. It is very clear detectable when sleep orders arise. It also increases dangers of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and heart diseases. The clear symptoms of anxiety and depression are irritability, frustration, anger, increased pulse rate, heartbeats, palpitation, lack of concentration, eating disorder and extreme sleep difficulties.

Many people treat their anxiety problems with heavy medicines that are generally not good for health and their overdose may cause serious health issues even leading to death. Yoga is one such therapy that effectively helps curve anxiety and depression from one's life. Considerable evidence exists regarding yoga dealing with such problems as effectively as natural cures and medicines. Researches have proven that yoga can improve sleep, mental quality of life, lowers heart rate, has serious impact on nervous system and also slows the breathing down to relax your body.

If you do not get much time, you can do Yoga and meditation for even 5 to 10 minutes every day. Even this helps relaxing the body and mind. This will help you to achieve a balanced state in life and focus on your priorities eventually.

Cure with these easy yogasanas at home

Yoga breathing

Breathing in and out with continuous success sitting in Padmasana, helps in controlling temper and calms up the mind. It is also the first step of anxiety and depression treatment.

Deep breathing by folding hands

Breathing in and out with hands folded at the front helps, in the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body. It also helps in improving the metabolism of the body, focuses the mind and provides relief.

Back bending

Back Bending is one of the most flexible and relieving yoga exercises. It helps reduce pain from the back muscles, reduces tension and tiredness and other psychosomatic disorders.


The term Matsyasana is a Sanskrit term meaning the fish pose. This pose stretches the navel, front of the neck, throats and major muscles between the ribs. Matsyasana is known as the destroyer of all diseases. It keeps the mind calm and also uplifts our spirit.

Suryaved Pranayama

One of the most famous yogasanas, this asana is done by sitting in the padmasana position and breathing in and out with the thumb and little finger interchanging positions by the side of each nose while breathing. It is the key to the discipline of mind. It is most effective in providing relief from anxiety disorders.


The easiest of all, practicing this regularly will help alleviate diseases and relief from tension.


This is also called the restorative or corpse pose, sabasana is a relaxed post done after every asana that activates blood to nourish the specific organ exercised.

These are some very specific and easy asanas to help fight anxiety and depression and bring relief to body and mind.

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Yoga: Things You Should Do To Get Better As A Starter

As newbies, everyone wants to do exactly what the teacher does. You know, there is this feeling like you are already there, and you can do all the posts that your teacher brings before you, without even needing any alignment. As good as it may sound, you will be needing you yoga instructor for a very long time, until you have become a master of the art. Yoga is agreed to be very beneficial, there is no argument about this. In every part of the world, the result is the same. The only difference that can influence your yoga practice, is the environment in which you practice. This is the basic reason why you should practice under a yoga environment that is calm and quiet.

Another thing is that you do not need to be a master to practice yoga. Once you start it, you will see yourself working towards perfection. It does not come at once, but through consistency and seriousness. A lot of people are not regular with their practice. This may either be due to their tight schedule or lack of motivation. Setting your long term target can help you to stay motivated and focused. It will give you the motivation that you need to stay focused. As a starter, it is very important to practice yoga poses that supports your health status. If you have a certain health condition, now is the best time to talk to your yoga instructor. The benefit of talking to a yoga instructor, before the commencement of practice for newbies is that, it will help them to identify your needs. In a situation when you have a certain health condition that you are looking up to yoga, to help you take care of, this will be a good idea.

There are some yoga poses that one can not do, if you have some certain injuries or when you have some certain health challenges. Take for instance, if you have an ankle injury, you can not just jump into practicing the power yoga. This may not be good for your condition, unless your yoga teacher permits it. If he or she knows this, then what you will be allowed to do will just be some mild exercises, and with time when your condition improves, it can be made more intense. When you start practicing yoga recently, and your body looks like it will never become flexible, there is no need to worry. Continue with your yoga practice and in no longer time, you will get the results you are expecting. Remember not to force yourself into doing poses that your body is not comfortable with. You do not have to strain your muscles or dislocate your joints for you to get better or achieve the desired results that you want. Just focus on what you are doing and if your body shows sign that you are exceeding your limit, then know that it is time to pull back.

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