How Yoga Can Help You To Develop Better Bone Density

There are a lot of diseases one can prevent from just practicing yoga. Yoga has been known to benefit a lot of people, including children and adults. Osteoporosis is a condition that affects a lot of people, especially in the western world. Women are greatly affected by this condition. The disease is diagnosed in women, especially after menopause, although they can start losing their bone density as early as 30 years of age.

The good thing is that yoga poses, which strengthens the areas such as hips, spines as well as wrists, can help to maintain bone density. These poses that are targeted at the spine, can help to enhance posture, and also prevent the hunked back that is typical in older osteoporosis sufferers. Most women who have some minor history of this disease are sooner to it. The meaning of this is that if your mother or grandmother was diagnosed with this same disease, the best thing to do is to include yoga in your normal daily routine.

These yoga poses work wonders around the hip region. They help to strengthen the muscles around this region, which helps to decrease people's chances of falling and also fracturing a bone, especially when they get older. It is a known fact that your bones get weaker as you grow older. Patients that are suffering from osteoporosis, experiences thoracic spinal compression fractures, which occurs when the front part of the vertebrae, compresses down. This can make someone's posture to look bent forward. There are yoga poses that helps to strengthen the upper back muscles as well as spine. This helps to maintain proper posture and may also help to prevent the occurrence of a compression fraction. Another very relevant pose is the cobra pose. This particular type of pose, is perfect for combating computer hunch.

It is very important for us to know that bone loss is a very serious business. It does not just affect women, but also includes men. Both male and female, get to their maximum bone mass, around the age of 30. Immediately you get to this stage of your life, you should start maintaining your body and bones, by getting involved in some benefitting exercises. The truth of the matter is that no one is immune to this inevitable decline. In a nutshell, everyone is prone to it. If you are a lady who is approaching her midlife, you just have to get yourself prepared. Fasten your seat belt. It is so unimaginable, for how one can loss up his or her bone mass. You can lose your bone mass up to 20 percent after menopause, between five to seven years.

Osteoporosis is something that is affects everyone. Nobody thinks they have it, but when they get to a certain age, they will realize that almost everyone does.

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Tips For Yoga Newbies: How To Stay Motivated And Focused

What is the first thing that comes to your mind as a beginner, when you first got to your yoga class? Is it to quit or continue with your training? It is true that at some point, you may want to quit as a beginner, after seeing other collections, doing the headstand, and other yoga poses. Something inside you may tell you to back down, but if you are determined, the option to quit will not be in your mind. Yoga poses are quite simple. You just need to practice regularly, to get use to them. There are things you can do, to help you get better at your yoga practice.

As a beginner, equating yoga to something difficult will not help you. It will even demotivate you the more. When you bend, and can not touch your toes, you should not get discouraged. A lot of people, after trying this, might even ask themselves, “Is yoga actually meant for me”? Yes it is, if you are determined to achieve something, then be prepared to pay whatever sacrifice, small or great that it throws at you. The first thing that is expected of every newbie is to set a goal. You need to identify the reason you decided to choose yoga in the first place. Do not just go start a practice, because others are doing so. If you have a working plan or a goal, this will guide you and also cause you to stay motivated and focused. If you have some health challenge, you can talk to your yoga instructor to determine the type of pose that will suit you. Do not pick one for yourself, because if it is not what you should be doing, you certainly will be doing more harm than good.

It is best to start practicing yoga, under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor. He or she will lead you through the correct way of doing each technique. Getting someone, who is experienced to train you, will make you to learn yoga asanas properly and also avoid some possible injuries that may occur from wrong positioning. Some of the techniques or philosophies of yoga taught in the class, might be new, but it is expected of you to keep an open mind. This will help to broaden your vision and also enhance your yoga experience. Another important thing that beginners have to be very concerned about, is their mood of dressing. It is expected of every yoga student to dress properly. Try as much as possible to wear a comfortable dress, while going for your yoga class or practicing yoga in your home.

As regards dressing, you should also try as much as possible to avoid belts or wearing of excess jewelry, as this could get in the way of your yoga practice.

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What Is The Best Time To Practice Yoga?

What is your best time for practicing yoga, morning or evening? The most ideal time to practice yoga is in the morning, before breakfast. When you wake up, try as much as possible to empty your bowels. After this, you can shower if you wish, before you start the day with your regular yoga practices. Doing some light yoga practice in the morning is very beneficial to the body. It can help to enhance your productivity, which will reflect in your place of work. The second ideal time to practice yoga is early in the evening, especially around sunset.

For one to achieve spiritual growth and awareness through yoga, it has to be practiced regularly. Consistent practice is also very necessary, to master yoga poses. Yoga asansa can be practiced, any time of the day. It is also very effective to practice on an empty stomach, especially when you just wake up from sleep. You can warm up with some postures, when your body feels stiff, tense or tired. In the afternoon period, try as much as possible not to perform too many over-stimulating postures just before going to bed. In any yoga routine, asanas are first practiced, before proceeding to breathing, and then meditation.

Pranayama may be performed at any time of the day, but remember that 2 to 3 hours after meal, it is not ideal to practice it. It is best done, especially when you are tired or when space does not allow room for postures. Pranayama is best practiced straight after asanas. The transition should be smooth, without breaking the flow of awareness. A good pranayama is very essential for a successful meditation.

Meditation is another important aspect of any yoga routine. It can be done at any time of the day, especially when you feel both awake and relaxed. If you want to achieve the best results, do not do meditation within 2 to 3 hours of eating. Also, if you are feeling sleepy, avoid involving yourself in any form of meditation. You can perform yoga Nidra at any time of the day. You can also go ahead to perform it, even after meals, in as much as you do not fall sleep when doing so. Yoga Nidra should be avoided, especially when you feel tired or sleepy. You get more benefits when you are both wake and relaxed.

Yoga can be practiced both in the morning or evening time. The most important aspect of any yoga practice is consistency. Practice yoga regularly, if you really want to benefit from it. You can set your goals, so as to stay motivated as you continue practicing.

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Yoga Benefits In Sports

For proper body function and for us to live a healthier life, we have to put our body system to work. Yoga postures have be proven to be very beneficial to our body system and general health.

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5 Tips On How To Practice Yoga Successfully At Home

How can one practice yoga perfectly at home? Well, if you fall within the category of people who are asking this particular type of question, these amazing tips that will benefit you.

1. Choose a comfortable place

This is one of the first things to do. If you have an empty room at home, why not use it? You might want to stretch your body without restriction, and you need enough space to do this. An empty wall is also handy, as it serve as a prop. It is not necessary to have some candle sticks or incense in the room, they are not part of what will help you achieve your goals, so they are not very important. In a nutshell, try to make sure the room is as quiet and calm as possible. The environment in which you practice is very important, so pay attention to it.

2. Get the right Yoga accessories

This is also as important as finding a comfortable place to practice. Try as much as possible to get the right yoga accessories. You should ensure that you get the right dress that will create enough comfort while you perform your stretches. Your yoga mats should also be carefully selected. Make sure it is not slippery, so that you can do your pose conveniently without any issue.

3. Safety first

This is very important to everyone. Do not push yourself too hard. Yoga is meant to be enjoyed and also benefit your body, not cause more damages. When performing stretches, if you feel you are exceeding your limit, just re-adjust immediately. If it means for you to withdraw completely, please do so. Also, be very mindful of your body's sensitive areas, such as your hip, knees, neck as well as spines, and remember that if you feel any pain or sensation, please do not continue.

4. Select a yoga pose

When you step on that mat, the first question you should ask yourself is “what does my body and mind need”? Is it something active that can get the juice flowing or something quiet that can quiet both the mind and body? Remember that you are not competitive with anyone, but trying to make yourself better, so pick a style that suits your needs.

5. Practice consistently

Regular practice is very important. Even practicing once in a week is beneficial! Two times in a week is awesome and every day is fantastic. The most important thing is to do what's best for you.

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Is Yoga Truly A Good Exercise?

Yoga practice, started a very long time ago. The practice has wrought wonders in the lives of many people, and it is still doing so till date.

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Is There Any Specific Time To Practice Yoga?

A lot of us are familiar with the origin and history of yoga, and its numerous benefits. There have been lots of arguments about the time for practicing yoga. Different yoga teachers have expressed their own views, from experience and also from a professional point of view. Engaging in yoga practice, offers endless benefits to our body. That is the main truth, but it is also very important to practice regularly.

Regular practice will give you the opportunity to perfect your poses, and also avoid injuries. Wrong postures can cause more harm than good overtime. That is why it is always advice-able to look for an experienced yoga instructor, to put you through. Experienced yoga instructors are easy to find. It just takes a little bit of hard work and research to locate one. Their duty is to train and also guide you on the yoga poses to perform, in respect to your health condition. They will also direct you on the best yoga pose that will work fine for you, both in the long and short term.

A lot of people have been argued about the right time to practice yoga. Some argument that practicing it in the morning is okay, while others support evening practice. The question here is, which time is best to practice yoga, morning or evening? Also, should we practice it on an empty stomach? These questions might seem simple, but in as much as it concerns our health, they are very important.

The answer to the first question is yes, yoga can be practiced both in the morning and evening. Yoga is quite different from other form of exercise. It is not as tiring as they are. To fully benefit from yoga, it is always advisable to practice yoga and also increase the time of practice gradually. The main reason is because, when you start practicing it, you will need to rest properly, in order to participate the next day. Proper resting will also save your body from getting stiff and aching, due to over exertion.

The next question about food is very simple. If you are actually going for your yoga classes, try not to eat at least 2 hours before the time. Yoga helps to enhance your mental alertness. A few headstand can do some wonders. The best time for practicing yoga is when you get up early in the morning that is before sunrise. Try to clear your bowels and drink a glass of lime juice, if required. It is advisable for you to consume tea. But if you must do so, ensure to include minimum milk and sugar. If you want to practice yoga in the evening, you can do so conveniently around sunset time in case you get home after working, you can grab some fresh fruit juice or lime juice, 45 minutes or one hour before yoga.

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The Alluring Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, as we know it, originated from India. It is a discipline that incorporates the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. But do we have an idea on what are the health benefits of this ancient art of spiritual science? Everyone wants to be healthy, and anyone who practices Yoga has a great advantage.

Yoga bolsters your muscle strength. Thus, your posture and sense of balance will develop. You will not be slouchy, but rather flexible. That toe that you are dying to touch before is just one bend away after your first Yoga session. Arthritis will have a hard time conquering your body as your joints and cartilage were moved successively.

It does not only strengthen your muscles, but also solidifies your bone structure. Your spinal disks will benefit by your stretching. The bones in your extremities are toughening as it is used during balancing and lifting of your own weight. In this case, Osteoporosis will be kept at bay.

More than your muscles and bones, the benefits of Yoga go deep even into your blood streams. By proper breathing, relaxation, and twisting of limbs, your blood flow will increase. Aside from that, freshly oxygenated blood is also supplied to your organs each time you twist your body. Afterwards, it will pump back from your heart to your lungs so your blood will be refreshed.

Cardiovascular health is important, and though Yoga is not that intense to pump up your heart to an athlete's degree, it can certainly bring you near there. There are different types of Yoga and not all are intense, but even the most conventional forms still tend to help boost your heart rate. And higher heart rate means lower risk from heart attacks, now how good is that?

Weight loss is also one of the most wanted benefits of Yoga. In our age where people are mostly obese, weight loss programs are being pursued, but Yoga has been there for ages. By constant body movement you burn excess calories. Also by being focused and relaxed, you will be conscious in your diet. This will lead to an overall weight loss.

Relaxation is one of the benefits of Yoga that the hyperactive people want to experience. Cortisol levels are lowered. A reduced cortisol level means that your blood sugar will also decrease. Thus, your chances to have the dreaded Diabetes will also decrease.

The relaxed system will not only remain as you are awake. Maintaining such solitude throughout the day will also help you sleep deeper every night as it released the tensions from your body during a Yoga session.

Digestive problems are checked, you will breathe more conveniently and your immune system will be good as ever, giving you a solid and flexible body with high immunity from diseases.

With all these, your peace of mind will increase and self-esteem heightens. Depression will be subdued and creates happiness, eliminating the pains from your ailing physical problems.

As you continue this process of having a Yoga session, you will be more aware of your regular fitness. A new mindset in health will be established. Have you found a Yoga studio in your area? Start finding one today and revive that dormant energy of yours. Transform yourself now and be amazed to see these health benefits unfold in real time.

Are you waiting for that another sign to start a Yoga session? Or are you ready to look beyond what what is today today to what will you become tomorrow?

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9 Dos and Don’ts While Performing Anti-Gravity Yoga

For centuries now, yoga has played a pivotal part in most people’s lives. Sure one can argue that with new and state-of-the-art gyms coming up, the prominence of yoga has declined to a certain extent. But on the contrary, more and more people are realising it now that instead of all the heavy lifting and protein shakes, it’s much more beneficial to implement a natural method in their fitness regime

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Iyenga Yoga: Help To The Mind And Body

You cannot be talking about the most popular form of yoga in the western world and not include Iyengar yoga. This particular type of yoga is very beneficial to our well-being.

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Things About Bikram Yoga You Should Know

Bikram yoga was formed from the hatha yoga techniques. This particular type of yoga has lots of benefits to our body, both in the long and short term. In the short term, bikram yoga will make you sleep better, feel happier, energetic and also be less prone to injuries. In the long term, it will help to improve your overall physical and mental health. But wait a minute, is the heat that is produced from bikram yoga too difficult to handle? The truth is that bikram yoga is a very intense form of yoga. After practicing it for some period of time, your body system plans to get used to the heat that is generated during practice. It will also make you feel like a new person, after some period of time.

Bikram yoga is a very powerful form of yoga. It does not just offer numerous health benefits, but the warmth of the environment is also a plus. It will help you to keep warm, from the cold outside, especially during cold periods. It can also protect you from catching a nasty flu, during the cold season.

Things you should expect in your first Bikram class

It is very important to be aware of some of the temporal side effects, you might experience in a bikram class. This is actually for those practicing it for the first time. This will enable you to prepare your mind, as you get started. During your first bikram class, you may feel somehow dizzy or nauseous. Once you feel dizzy, you can remedy the situation by taking salt as well as potassium tablets before class.

Most times also, you might feel disoriented or like you should take a good nap. This may occur after your first few classes. There is a reason why this happened. Your body at this point, is trying to cleanse and also detoxify itself. This should not scare you, as it is not something bad. The most important thing is that after some few classes, this sensation will pass. If you are not fond of taking a lot of water, now is the time to do so. You need to double your water intake, so as to compensate for fluid lost, which occurs through perspiration. Taking enough water will benefit your body in many ways. It will help your body to better tolerate the heat.

You should also avoid eating at least two hours before class commences. Alcohol also dehydrates, so you might want to hold it down a bit. Do not drink more than a glass or two. Avoid eating too much as well. There are a lot of things to observe, when starting a yoga class. All these, will make practicing yoga, more beneficial to you. There are well-trained and experienced yoga instructors that are itching to help beginners, to enjoy practicing yoga.

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The Benefit of Yoga (One You May Not Be Expecting!)

You might be expecting me to say that the benefit of Yoga is to get yourself fit, flexible, toned and relaxed. They are all positive reasons I know. But what I have experienced from Yoga is something that is even better than all of those; something which can transform your outlook and happiness day-to-day.

For me, Yoga has helped me to become the best version of myself daily. Weird, I know. This is definitely not one of the most common benefits listed in most articles on Yoga. But it is absolutely true. The more you practice, the better the feeling gets. However, I am not suggesting a 6 day a week practice right for everyone. (Trust me, it did not work for me and in fact, it made me quit Yoga for a period of time).

Like anything, there is a healthy balance needed on how much Yoga you can comfortably fit into your already busy schedule. Start with one class a week and see how you feel. I find two classes a week is perfect for me and if I have time or the inclining at another point in the week, I will stick on my favorite Yoga DVD and make some funky moves in my lounge!

The reason Yoga helps you to become the best version of yourself can become quite complex. If you start discussing the energy shifts and reading some of the classical texts, you can go quite deep. Let's keep things simple. Yoga allows you to become quiet, with only your body and your thoughts with you when you are on the mat. With this quietness and lack of distractions, you find a sense of peace that you can then tap into when you are back in your busy routine. This peace allows you to experience your life differently, with a different perspective.

After regular practice, you experience changes within yourself that filter through your life. After spending months comparing yourself to others in the Yoga room, you finally move past those thoughts and start to appreciate yourself a bit more. Your mood changes, your thoughts change and new ideas may even come to you. You should start to feel generally happier, healthier and more compassionate towards other people.

Ultima Yoga can help you to become the best version of yourself by dropping justice, criticizing and complaining and helping your wonderful qualities to shine. However, a little word of warning. This does not happen overnight, no matter how hard you try. (Sometimes the harder you try, the less progress you make!) Start small and watch how good it gets!

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3 Unbelievable Benefits Of The Ashtanga Yoga

The benefits of practicing the Ashtanga yoga is like no other. To ensure that you get the best out of it, it is expected that one should be focused and practice it regularly. Here are some of the benefits of the Ashtanga yoga.

1. Restores years of your life

People that do practice Ashtanga in the morning can attest to this. You will feel calm and energized after your morning practice. The good thing is that it can benefit you both in the morning and evening. Those that practice it in the afternoon period, have reported that they feel somehow decompressed, relaxed and also unwound. The asthanga yoga is very beneficial to our body. It helps to relieve the body of pains, and also frees your mind of any worries. It is very beneficial to begin your day, by performing the ashtanga yoga. You can add it to your early morning workout.

2. Helps your body to get rid of stress.

Breath awareness is very important in ashtanga yoga. It is the front and center of this practice. Through a constant focus on your breathing, you will be able to recognize long established breathing patterns as well as correlated behavioral patterns. This deeper awareness it creates, allows one to breathe more effectively. It also helps to alter the patterns of unwanted behavior. Greater awareness of the breath is also very important. It is expressed in all areas of our lives. Let's take for instance, if you find yourself in a heated situation, the reaction is always different. Instead of you acting out of anger, you might just wait until you are back in your rational mind to respond.

3. It creates a blueprint for your wellbeing

One very important thing that every yoga student must note is that consistency matters a lot. The only way to benefit fully or master a particular pose, is through regular practice. There is a common saying that “practice makes perfect.” This is very correct in this regard. For Ashtanga yoga, a consistent practice, absolutely gets rooted to your being. It does so, so that when you do not do it as often as you used to, your mind and body will feel the difference. There are certain things you might as well notice without it. You will discover that you eat more poorly, and you are also more easily agitated. If you also have a history of depression, it may reemerge, also old ache may return as well. Your body temperature also deregulates.

The most vital part of life is that we have to live to our full potential every day. We need to life our true self, no matter what. The world that we live in, creates so much external influences that takes us away from our true nature. With a daily ashtanga yoga practice, we can get back to shape.

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Hatha Yoga And Its Numerous Benefits

Yoga has been existing for a very long time, and up till now, it is still embroidered by a lot of people. It has both preventive as well as therapeutic benefits, which leaves the body in a good shape. Yoga, has also been shown to offer physical as well as mental benefits, to both our mind and body. There are many physical benefits of the hatha yoga. They include: improvement of flexibility and mobility of the muscle joint; it strengthens tones as well as builds muscles; it also helps to correct postures; strengthens the spine; helps to offer relieve for back pain and lots more. A lot of revelations about the health benefits of the hatha yoga have been unfolding. People are now realizing its intense benefits.

Hatha yoga also provides mental benefits. This includes increase in body awareness; offers relief from chronic stress patterns in our body, helps to refresh our body by relieving muscle strain; relaxes the mind and body; sharpens our concentration as well as free the spirit. Most health practitioners are beginning to discover additional health benefits that the hatha yoga offers. The hatha yoga has been shown to relieve symptoms that are related to several common as well as potential life threatening sickness. They include arthritis, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, asthma, obesity as well as chronic fatigue. Yoga is also believed to slow down the aging process of the body.

The benefits of yoga as an exercise

Hatha yoga is very beneficial to people of all ages and body size. Not only does it enable you to get and stay in shape, but it also helps you to develop balance, coordination, as well as a sense of centeredness. Hatha yoga also helps to renew, invigorate as well as heal the body, thus stretching and toning the muscles, as well as joints, and spines. It also directs the blood and oxygen to the internal organs.

A lot of people see yoga as an exercise, but the truth is that yoga is distinctively different from other kind of exercise. The unique thing about it is that it generates motion, without even causing any form of strain or imbalance in the body. The most important thing about yoga is that whatever style or posture that you perform, it should be done correctly. Improper postures can cause harm to us that is why it is best to get a qualified and experienced yoga instructor to guide you. He or she will help you to align your posts. Even when you continue with your home yoga practice, you can apply what you have learnt and strengthen your skills even more. Hatha yoga, when done correctly has no negative impact on either the inner or outer body.

Also, yoga should be practiced with dedication and purpose. When this is assumed, the reward is always great. Hatha yoga no doubt, can be quite demanding. But the good thing is that it is very beneficial to our body.

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Yoga: The Benefits Of Good Posture

No matter the type of pose that you perform, good posture is very important. As a matter of fact, it is undisputed. Sometimes, you will discover that the teaching of good postures, at the forefront of some yoga classes are rare.

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