The Ancient Yogic Mapping Of Inner Reality

The ancient yogic mapping of inner reality tells and shows us that our everyday being is made up of seven metaphysical dimensions of existence which mature and ripen every seven years of age. These seven dimensions are also known as the seven bodies, or seven levels of density, or seven planes of consciousness, and each one has its own yoga.

We're told that during our nine months in our mother's womb, we grow and form our bud of potentiality – as the synthesis of positive, negative and neutral polarity – which crystallizes in its complementess at birth, and starts flowering soon after our physical delivery as an individual, multidimensional, spiritual unit of matter, emotion, mind and higher consciousness.

Beginning from our knowledge, physical structure, every seven years, we grow, develop, consolidate, mature and seal, as fully as we're able to, the following one, which becomes the foundation for the consequent coming one. This also means that our maturity of being comes after our forty-ninth year of age.

From birth to seven years of age, we develop our physical form and consciousness, its strength, capacity of movement, survival and reproduction. From seven to fourteen years of age, we develop our emotional dimension of being, our emotional body and consciousness, its capacity of relationship, reaction and reproduction.

From fourteen to twenty-one, we complete our mental capacities and consciousness, as the ability of reasoning, planning and taking responsibility from for what we are and do. From twenty-one to twenty-eight, we develop our sentimental body and its ability of feeling the present across time and space.

From twenty-eight to thirty-five, we acquire our natural, spiritual consciousness capacity of perceiving the life's frequency. From thirty-five to forty-two, our cosmic vision develops, taking us to the end of the universe. From forty-two to forty-nine, we grow our intrinsic nature of containing all that exists.

Now, the fundamental, metaphysical question that each of us should ask himself or herself, in the intimacy of their silent space of meditation, is this: according to my physical age, how old am I emotionally, mentally, sentimentally, spiritually, universally and divinely?

Until when there are no more differences among the seven level of consciousness, our answers tell us what our steps are supposedly to be in order to fully mature as a complete and adult citizen of this multidimensional and multi-universal existence. Until then, there are endless techniques, strategies and methods to apply, if we want, to fulfill our human destiny.

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Promote Your Yoga Business With Some Amazing Strategies

As we all know yoga is becoming really famous as far as exercising goes. Yoga is something that both men and women love to practice due to the fact that it helps in staying fit. Promoting your yoga business with some outstanding strategies is something that you can easily do. There are plenty of amazing ways of doing so and you got to go through the below mentioned strategies in order to generate some fine results.

Let us now talk in particular about some of the most amazing strategies that will help you in promoting the yoga business.

Cross Promotion
As we all know that printing promotional material can prove to be quite simple if you know some of the different ways. You can easily go for cross promotion as it is one of the finest ways of doing so. Putting on some of the flyers for the business can prove to be quite simple and straightforward.

Social networking
Social networking is another great form of marketing and you can easily make the most out of this method. You just have to create an account on Twitter or Facebook. As soon as you do this, you will be able to promote your business on the social networking industry. This is the best possible way through which you can make your services and products known. You got to ensure that you opt for the right social networking website which has a number of members. You can even consider joining in some popular yoga centers on their official website and by doing this you will be able to attract some more people on your website.

Try and partner with a popular gym
Partnering with a gym in your area can prove to be one of the most amazing steps in order to market your business. Marketing a yoga business can prove to be quite simple and so you can be assured that you opt for the right alternatives in this regard.

Offer free trial sessions
This is another crucible thing for you to do. You got to reassure that you promote your yoga business by offering some free trial sessions. This is the perfect way through which you can get your hands on some of the amazing customers.

If your budget allows you need to ensure that you advertise your business in the form of print advertising. You can easily go for any advertising form depending upon your requirements and budget.

These are some of the finest ways through which you can promote your business with some amazing strategies. You need to ensure that you opt for the right networking process so that you are able to reach maximum amount of people. Read the above mentioned article carefully for further information on this topic. It could be of great help and guidance to you. Have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself while promoting your business and making it popular in the area. You will surely be able to have a successful business.

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Marketing A Yoga Center In The Appropriate Way

Once you have completely started your yoga center you need to start marketing it so that you can expand your business. As soon as it gets up and running you got to indulge in some aggressive marketing processes so that you can make the most out of it and get more customers. A yoga studio can easily help you in making good money if you know how to market it. In the article given below we will talk in particular about marketing such a center in the appropriate way.

Some of the key instructions that you should follow in order to market a yoga center in the appropriate way are discussed below.

• The first thing that you got to do is to approach huge business homes in the area in order to ask if you can easily carry out yoga classes. Several big firms are concentrating hard on getting healthy employees who are fit and fine. Therefore, you can give them a positive lesson and ask them to follow you in regards to do yoga.

• You can even consider teaching yoga in the apartment complex by talking to the desired permissions. This is the best thing that you can do in order to make your business popular in the society. If you want you can talk to your friends as well.

• Now, you can consider visiting a health fair so that you can meet several prospective clients. They are certainly going to reach you and help you in expanding the business. You can even share them some basic knowledge about the benefits of yoga. You can even suggest them what kind of food items they need to consume in order to stay fit and healthy. This is how you will be able to impress them and market your business in the right way.

• The next thing that you can do here is to create a suitable website for your business. You need to keep it updated all the time so that you are able to tell the clients about the kind of services you offer. You should even tell them about the rates you offer. If there are any questions that your clients are facing then you need to clear it out as soon as possible.

• Try and partner with other prominent health centers in the area so that you are able to reach more and more clients at a time.

• You should offer several discounts to the clients who join up with your right way. You need to ensure that you offer some seasonal discounts to the clients.

So, this was all that you must know about marketing a yoga center in the right way. There are plenty of things that you need to remember about marketing a yoga center in the right way. I am pretty convinced that you will be able to generate some fine results on the go. Read the above mentioned article carefully so that you do not end up on the losing side. Enjoy a lot!

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Kundalini Yoga Retreat – How Can You Find One?

As we all know that searching for a yoga retreat which helps you rejuvenate your senses and relax is the one that you must choose for yourself. By altering your entire schedule schedule you will be able to gain some positives and stay healthy all the time. Kundalini yoga retreat is the best place which you can visit and have a nice body. In this article, we are going to tell you about this kind of a yoga center. You need to follow the information given below in order to visit one.

The best thing about this form of yoga is that it focuses hard on different kinds of exercises that can help you achieve well being. This specific approach is known to enhance your energy level a great deal and so you got to practice different yoga techniques so that you do not end up on the losing side. You can easily practice kundalini yoga in a retreat without getting disturbed by anyone.

The first thing that you should look out for in a yoga center is the amount of space available with them. Movement of energy is very important and it should easily be achieved in the center. Therefore, you should look out for a decent space where you can find all the necessary facilities without spending too much money. Changing the energetic fields is very essential and I am pretty convinced that you will be able to take your earnings to a new level. You should opt for several amazing practices that can help you stay fit all the time.

You should locate a different approach for finding a retreat so that you do not end up on the losing side. Talking to an expert is also very essential when you are planning to go on such spa holidays. This is the time when you need to relax yourself and you can easily do so by taking along your family. Know your needs well and I am pretty convinced that you will be able to take your earnings to a new level. You should find a suitable yoga form that suits your body and practice it in the long run.

These are some of the finest things that you got to remember regarding this form of retreat. You must plan out everything beforehand so that you do not end up on the losing side. By doing the right things at the right time you will be able to take your earnings to a new level. For any other help you can consider surfing the internet or talking to an expert. If you are facing any questions or need some help then you can do your research beforehand and take admission in a popular retreat or spa center.

Read the above mentioned article carefully for further information on this topic. You will surely be able to take your earnings to a new level by doing this. Enjoy a lot while relaxing and rejuvenating in the beautiful environment of a spa center.

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3 Popular Beginner Yoga Poses

Yoga and all of the yoga poses are a growing trend. Mainstream culture has occupied this and has formed it into an exercise of the mind, body, and soul for everyone. While it's roots are certainly spiritual, the vast amount of yoga poses act as both a release from the daily tasks, but a challenge for those who want to push themselves physically. These three yoga poses are simply looking to outline some of the more popular beginner yoga poses to touch on the basic technique for you to try on your own time. Yoga poses are a great form of fitness that works as a great alternative from the regular exercises in the gym. These are remarkable for your core muscles and flexibility, and the benefits translate very well into the more functional movements of regular fitness and sports activities. The benefits extend outside of sports and fitness as well by simply providing greater body health for any regular daily activity.

Without further ado …

Mountain Yoga Pose

1. Stand up with the tips of your big toes touching and your heels apart. All of your toes should be in a straight line when looking down. Rock back and forth, side to side while spreading your toes through the movement. Continue doing this while slowly reducing the movement until you come to a standstill. Your weight should be balanced at this point throughout your entire foot.

2. Slightly flex your thighs and raise your knee caps without tightening your core. Lift your inner ankles in order to support your arches. Now imagine a burst of energy going from the low point of your body straight through to the crown of your head. Turn your inner thighs inward slowly and bring your pelvis up towards your belly button.

3. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and slowly release them down the back. Raise your sternum without raising your rib cage and widen your collarbones. Lower your hands to your side.

4. Bring the crown of your head directly above the pelvic relative to its position. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and press your tongue to the floor of your mouth. Soften your eyes and relax.

5. The mountain pose, or Tadasana, is the foundation to all other standing yoga poses. It is important to practice this pose. Remain in the pose from 30 seconds to a minute while breathing smoothly.

Bridge Yoga Pose

1. Lie on the floor and place a thickly folded towel benefit your neck if you require the support. Bend your knees and set your feet on the floor with your heels as as close to the glutes as you can.

2. With your hands and feet on the floor, push your pelvis up without flexing your glute muscles. Keep your thighs and inner feet parallel. Hold your hands together underath your body and push them towards your feet in order to properly adjust your shoulders on the floor.

3. Life your glutes until the thighs are roughly parallel to the floor. Keep knees roughly at 90 degrees, but push them away from the hips while lengthening the tailbone. Focus at this point on bringing your pelvis towards your navel.

4. Flatten your head to the ground by moving your chin away from your chest. Begin firming your shoulder blades and moving your sternum towards your chin. Tighten the outer arms and widen your shoulder blades. Try to lift the space between the shoulder blades up into the torso.

5. Stay in the pose anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Release with an exhalation, rolling the spine slowly down onto the floor.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

1. Positing yourself on your hands and knees. Place knees below the hips and your hands ahead of your shoulders. Spread your palms and place your index fingers roughly parallel to each other. Point your toes forward.

2. Lift the knees from the floor while exhaling and keeping the knees slightly bent with heels off the floor. Stretch your glutes toward the ceiling and squeeze your inner thighs in the groin.

3. Push your upper thighs back and bring your heels closer to the floor while exhaling. Begin straightening your legs without locking your knees.

4. Tighten your forearms and apply pressure to the tips of both index fingers. Begin lifting from this point to your wrists and all the way up to your shoulders. Rotate your shoulder blades by bringing them together and allowing them to migrate to the lower back. Set the head in a position between the arms without letting it rest.

5. Adho Mukha Svanasana is one of the yoga poses in the traditional Sun Salutation sequence. It's also an excellent yoga asana all on its own. Stay in this pose anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. Then bend your knees to the floor with an exhalation and rest in Child's Pose.

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Why You Should Do Yoga

About Yoga

Yoga combines physical, mental and spiritual all in one to find a state of peace. Long term yoga practitioners have reported that they have noticed increase mental and physical health benefits from doing yoga. People also use yoga to help with strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility. There are many benefits to doing yoga regularly.

What it can do for you

Practicing yoga regularly can improve or reduce symptoms of asthma; it also will increase mood and anxiety just like walking world. Doing this frequently may reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk factors for cardiovascular problems. Yoga can be beneficial for lower back pain, and for increasing flexibility with the muscles in the entire back area. You can tone up your body and lose weight while practicing this. There are special movements that pregnant women can do which some women will report that it has made labor easier than if they did not do it. In pregnant women it will relax them and may aid with having an easier birth.

What you need

You will have many different styles of yoga pants but you do not really need to purchase them, you can just wear comfortable pants or shorts, but it is important that they are stretchy material; if you wear something like jeans it will be uncomfortable for you. You do not need to wear shoes, most of the time this is done barefooted. The shirts that you need are one that is fitted. You will need a mat to prevent injuries from working out on a hard floor. You will also need an open space to do the exercises at.

Why you should do it

Yoga is a great way to relax and to reduce stress. It's a great way to tone your body, and to increase flexibility by stretching and building strength. It will help increase your balance. It can also tone up muscles that traditional exercising may not be able to do. One of the yoga poses will help tone and tighten the neck muscles which is a hard to reach area using regular exercises. It is more than just stretching, it is a whole package wrapped into one. You can relax during the session by relaxing your mind, concentrate on your breathing and enjoy the benefits of practicing the poses and knowing it is helping your body feel better. If you are unable to do aerobics because of a medical condition, yoga may work out great for you.

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Five Yoga Poses To Improve Your Sex Life

If tangling your limbs up with your partner sounds way too strenuous and exhausting, maybe it's time you took up yoga. Yoga can be useful both while getting down and in preparation for getting down.

It's not just about getting into shape. It's about understanding the way your body works- how it feels, what needs work, what it wants and needs. The better you understand your own body, the more ready you are to use it to pleasure someone elses' body.

Here are five easy, beginner's yoga poses and exercises that can help you improve your stamina and flexibility in bed and some tips for how to make them count.

WARNING: Before doing any of these poses, consult a doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to attempt these. Remember to take it slow, breathe, and never force yourself to try anything you think is beyond your capabilities. If this is your first time doing yoga, consider using this list as a supplemental to taking a class.


We've mentioned before that kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your muscles down there, fight erectile dysfunction, and increase your libido. In yoga, kegel exercises are called the Mula Bandha and they're considered very important. Start by finding the muscles that you use to stop urinating or to hold in a fart. There are several muscles that go all the way from your groin to underneath your anus. Hold them for 10-15 seconds, ten times each, a couple times a day and it will not be long before you'll start to notice an improvement in your sex life.

HINT: You can even practice mula bandha as an alternative to thrusting during intercourse by taking turns flexing your kegels!


One of the best ways to improve your sex life through yoga is by opening up your hips. There are plenty of poses that'll get your hips wide open and improve your flexibility, but Pigeon Pose is one of the best. Women especially tend to hold a lot of stress and tension in their hips and the improved blood flow during Pigeon Pose can pull the stress away and bring an increase in libido.

HINT: For those who tend to get sore hips during while in Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl, Pigeon Pose is a great way to practice holding themselves up and strengthen those muscles.


Once, I was in Downward Dog when my boyfriend came home from work. “Ooh, is that an invitation?” he asked. Covered in sweat, with my ass up in the air, I probably looked like I was ready to have some fun.

Downward Dog is great because it stretches the back, arms, and legs. When I first started yoga, I hated it because my stamina was not great. But now, it's one of my favorite posts to relax in after doing some more complicated stretches.

HINT: If you balance is good and your partner is also into yoga, you can practice Downward Dog with your partner by having one partner put their feet on the other's back while in Downward Dog, or by having one partner do a backstretch against the other's back and hips.


This one might be for more advanced yoga practitioners, but like Pigeon Pose, it's a great way to stretch and open up your hips. For women, it can also alleviate menstrual cramps and improve libido by increasing blood flow to the pelvis. Adding in an arm stretch towards the ceiling can also help relax all the muscles in your body.

HINT: After you have mastered this pose, try elevating your hips off the ground using a yoga block.


Most of these bends are great for improving your flexibility. You may even remember doing some of them in gym at school back in the day. I like this one in particular because no matter how flexible you are, you can still use it to pull your legs, abs, and groin.

HINT: If you can not touch the floor with your head yet, just try for your hands and over time, you'll find yourself gradually getting closer and closer. A folded blanket, ottoman, or pillow can help you support yourself in the interim.

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How To Find A Great Yoga Class

Finding a great yoga class is just like finding a great arts school. A perfect arts school that has amazing teachers who have expertise in subjects related to your interest while making you a great artist while an average school or a not-so-good kind of school will not be able to make you shine. So the question is how to find that great yoga studio? Well, given below are five tips that helped me in finding the perfect yoga studio for myself.

  1. Try and find the best. So many different types of yoga, so many different types of studios and teachers. In fact, it seems like an umbrella term to me. So one way of finding the best class for yourself is to test out multiple classes for a few days before you choose the one that looks good to you.
  2. Before dropping a class, try it twice at least. Judging a class in just one visit is not the right thing. You should take a class at least twice before judging it. A teacher may be trying something different from the first time when you stepped into the class or may be suffering from a bad day. So do not ever judge a class in just new visit.
  3. Find out a class that challenges you physically and mentally, but is also not too hard for making you disinterested in going to it. Yoga certainly does wonders in life, but only if practiced regularly! Your yoga class should not be miles away from your home so you find it hard to reach there. Try to find out a class that helps you in developing a habit gently then challenges you once you've established your own pattern.
  4. Get committed with the class, but do not hesitate in leaving too if it does not seem a good fit to you. Sometimes the key of becoming good at yoga is to appear consistently at the same yoga class for a week. Of course, commitment helps in learning faster. But at the same time you should also understand if things are not working for you and asking for a change.
  5. If there's no perfect fit for you, try this. Sometimes it may seem to you as no yoga class is perfect for you. And it may also be true, there's no doubt in it. Depending on the locality in which you live, there may not be enough yoga classes around you. Or even if there are enough classes, they may not align perfectly with your schedule, fitness and other preferences. In such circumstances you should choose the class that aligns with most of your requirements. Once you get involved with yoga, you'll forget the things which do not align properly between the schedule of your yoga class and your life. That's the point of yoga – it makes you forget the things that are not well and increases focus on the positivity.

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In-Flight Yoga Poses

It's common to feel numb in your neck, knees, back, and feet especially when you on the plane for long hours. The good side is that there are yoga poses that you can do while in the plane so that you can reduce the numbness. Some of the poses that you can engage in include:

Seated spinal twist

Here you need to sit upright on your feet with your feet on the floor. You should then place your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on your seat (just behind your left hip).

You should inhale and gently lift yourself up using your spell and chest. When lifting yourself, you should ensure that you do not strain yourself or disturb other passengers (especially the one sitting next to you).

At this position, you should twist slowly to the left and assume a position where you are looking over your left shoulder. You should hold in this position for a few seconds and then continue breathing deeply. To engage your belly muscles, you should twist more to the left.

Seated cat pose

In this pose you should sit on the edge of the seat and ensure that there is a comfortable distance between your knees and ankles. You should then place your hands on your thighs then while inhaling, tilt your pelvis and abdomen out in order to arch your chest up and forward.

While exhaling, you should curl your pelvis backwards and inwards and arch your spine outwards. You should then lower your chin and lower your chest. For optimum benefits, you should repeat this pose for 4-6 times.

Back release pose

Here you need to seat upright on your seat and cross your right ankle over your left knee while leaving the left foot on the floor. To protect your knee, you should keep your right foot flexed.

You should then breathe deeply and concentrate to your lower back. To deepen the stretch, you should fold and bring your torso forward. You should hold in this position for some time and take 8-10 deep breaths. You should relax for sometime then repeat the pose with the left foot.

Although, it's good to exercise yoga poses while in the plane, you should do them with care-especially when you have medical conditions. Before you do any of the poses, you should consult your doctor. You should also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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5 Yoga Methods for Improving Sleep

In a lifestyle that most of us live today, insomnia is so prevalent. Nearly all of us live an over stressed life filled with several challenges that do not seem to have an end. We're all overworked, over stressed and overstimulated.

I've no problem in admitting the fact that I love to sleep a lot. However, since last few years it has been extremely hard for me to remain in my “Sleep Expert” image. Several distractions and burdens keep me awake till long in nights. Sometimes it also happens that exactly when I'm on my bed for sleeping after a long workday, something important comes to my mind that drags me off the bed. Damn!

However, I've figured out that yoga helps me a lot in improving my sleep hours. I've also learned a few things about sleep from my yoga practice:

  1. First of all we should keep in mind that although sleep problems will not be cured permanently and magically by meditation and yoga, still practicing regularly will help you in sleeping early and soundly.
  2. Practice makes man perfect. At the end of your yoga class when you start feeling tired and your muscles start contracting, you come to know that it's perfect time for Savasana, right? Since Savasana helps in understanding the feeling of total surrender, it also helps in falling asleep a bit faster by the end of your day.
  3. Some poses soothe your mind. Certain restoration posts and forward bends help a lot in soothing your busy mind. When you feel that falling asleep is becoming a tough job for you, spend a few minutes in Viparita Karani pose and you'll start feeling better.
  4. Ease your physical discomfort if you suffer from it . By physical discomfort I mean aches and pains that happen in various parts of your body and do not allow you to sleep. Luckily I have suffered from that condition only once in my life and that too because of fever. Due to my regular yoga practice most time in my life I had little to no problem with aches and pains. However, I've realized that easing your pain before going to bed by helping of certain yoga poses can make a big difference in your sleep. Downward Dog, Viparita Karani and Cat-Cow are good examples of such poses.
  5. Learn the art of focusing. One of the most useful lessons that I Learnt from my yoga class is finding out when my mind diverts, which things divert it the most and how can I bring my attention back. It certainly helps me on bed when I'm about to sleep. When my attention diverts to something else except my rest, I quickly bring it back. It takes time in mastering this skill, but once learnt it'll inevitably change the direction of your life in every aspect.

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How Yoga Helps During the Hard Times

Sometimes it happens that everything seems to be going wrong in our life. Everything seems to be worsening and our efforts to prevent that from happening seem to be reversing messing up the things. I'm currently experiencing it and you might've experienced it too. I'm lucky enough to have friends and family members who love me and are always ready to help me out during the times of need but before going to anyone else for help I like to practice yoga as it often changes my condition during such times.

Given below are 4 ways in which yoga helps me during the bad times:

  1. Teachers me shaking hands with my discomfort. Frustrating or leaving hope is not ever going to change the condition. Several times it has happened to me that I felt as if I'm about to fall while holding in the Warrior I pose. However, when I stopped thinking about it and started breathing deeply while relaxing my mind I was able to balance for a longer time. This useful lesson that I learnt on yoga mat can be applied to other parts of life too.
  2. Reminds me that I'm stronger than I think. At first when I saw a person doing arm balances I imagined how strong that person is. I also made an assumption that I can not ever do it. However, when I started looking deer into my body, strengthening my body and understanding the level of my strength in my body I was able to do it within a matter of one month! We increase our hurdles by thinking that we can not handle them. We should always remember that we're stronger than we think. Whenever I'm suffering from bad times I just remember that first time when I was able to arm balance perfectly.
  3. Increases my focus on positive. Yoga practice helps me in realizing the positive that's around me. Too much negativity also worsens our scenario in all cases. It tells me that no matter what's happening in the life, I'm lucky enough to be alive and my breath is still coming in and going out. It provides me huge comfort.
  4. Reminds that everything is temporary. It's also a very useful lesson that helps in downgrading the negativity inside me. Of course, everything is temporary in this world – from poses to pain to happiness to bad times. Life keeps going on no matter what. So by dwelling on how good everything would be we do nothing instead of missing out on the beauty of current moment. Do not miss it out!

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5 Tips for Practicing Yoga With Your Family

Whether you plan a holiday with your partner in Singapore or go to your paternal home, family celebrations on festivals and special occasions like birthdays are a longtime loved tradition. It really turns our mood to see our loved ones in a happy moment at one place. But occasions do not come daily and if you want to enjoy a part of that experience daily then a family yoga session is one of the perfect ways to feel it. Of course, all your family members may not be as much interested in yoga as you're, so how're you going to change their mind? Well, it should not take long if you follow the approach stated in this article.

Given below are a few tips that helped me in changing the minds of my family members and preparing them for enjoying yoga with me:

  1. Use the power of compassion. In many circumstances you may not know what's happening in the life of others, even if they're your loved ones. So instead of judging them for not sharing into your commitment of healthy living, inspire them by using the power of compassion. It is the key to involvement and happy relationships.
  2. Embody the practice. Enjoy the present moment and radiate some of your yoga energy to others too whenever you come in to contact with them by using warmth and love. Make deep breathing while working a habit and embody your yoga practice. All of a sudden one day you'll see that others will also notice the warmth inside you and will become interested in yoga.
  3. Be humble and subtle. Do you like to follow someone else's lifestyle? Did you answer in “no”? Then why do you expect your family members to do that? Nobody likes someone else's lifestyle if it's preached over him / her. Is one of your family members going to leave smoking if you scream over him / her? Instead of screaming, use compassion and try to understand the situation of that person if you really want to see any change.
  4. Know when it's time to slow down and back-off. All of us yogis come to know when we start going too far in a particular pose. This essential skills helps a lot during the family gatherings too. When you start feeling that your muscles are contracting or your breath is becoming low it may be right time to take a break.
  5. Try to feel yoga in everything and every situation. It does not matter if you do not do this one, but if you do then it'll be excellent. Sometimes opening gift packs, eating holiday dishes and hugging or cuddling each other may also give yoga experience – only if you do it with awareness and mindfulness.

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Levels Of Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Yoga is a type of yoga which integrates different elements from different types of yoga.

This yoga covers a wide range of breathing techniques and body postures that aim at bringing about mind, body, and spirit unity. In addition to bringing about this unity, Sri Sri Yoga also aids in sharpening sensitivity towards different levels of existence so resulting to full blossoming of the human potential.

Sri Sri Yoga has two main levels: level 1 and level 2.

Level 1

This level requires you to exercise for at least 10 hours. Here, you combine gentle and violent postures. You also engage in dynamic exercises that help you to attain physical fitness.

You also get to engage in powerful breathing techniques and relaxation techniques that aim at helping you to attain a peaceful mind. In addition to this, you get to learn how to eat a balanced yogic diet.

As far as diet is concerned, you are required to eat as many fruits as possible. Finally, you are introduced to Ayurveda which is the science of life.

Classes at this level are usually given in three formats: neighborhood, residential, and nonresident Sri Sri Yoga level 1.

In the neighborhood format, the classes are offered in a five days workshop. The workshops can be run consecutively or weekly. All the classes are usually for two hours a day.

To attend the classes, you need to find when the classes are offered in your area. If no classes are offered in your area, you should consider traveling in the area where the classes are being offered.

In the residential format, classes are usually offered from Friday 4 PM and they end on Sunday 1 PM. Just like in the other types of yoga, you need to find where the classes are being held and you make the effort to attend.

Non-residential format involve five sessions that are spread over two weeks. This means that you need to attend the sessions on two Saturdays and two Sundays. The sessions are held for two hours each day.

Level 2

This is an advanced level and it's meant to help you correct your postures, understand yoga scripts better, experience silence in activity, learn new breathing techniques, attain emotional cleansing, and experience minority healing and strengthening contractions.

Level 2 classes are usually in only one format: residential format. Here you need to attend a four day residential course.

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Excellent Poses To Do While In The Office

When you work on the computer for a long time you expose yourself to shoulder, back, and neck strain which leads to stiffness and tension. The tension and stiffness in return interferees with your productivity which in most cases lowers your productivity.

The good news is that you can easily eliminate the stiffness and tension by engaging in yoga poses. If interested, here are yoga poses that you should engage in while in the office.

Neck roll

This is probably the easiest of them all. Here you need to close your eyes and let your chin drop to your chest. You should then begin the circular motion of your neck by slowly moving the right ear to the right shoulder. You should then take your head backwards and bring your left ear to the left shoulder.

When doing this pose, you should ensure that your shoulders are loose and relaxed. For maximum benefits, you should rotate your neck for 3-5 times and then switch directions.

Cow stretch

This pose is meant to stretch your back and shoulders. To absorb the pose, you should keep your feet on the floor and bring both of your hands onto your knees. While inhaling, you should stretch your back backwards and look up to the ceiling.

You should hold in this position for sometime then when you feel strain coming in, you should exhale and stretch your back forward and drop your head. You should repeat this pose for at least five times.

Eagle arms

This pose is meant to exercise your arms and shoulders. To absorb the pose, you should stretch your arms straight in front of your body. To know that you are in the right position, you should ensure that your arms are parallel to the floor and your palms should be facing the ceiling.

Once you have attained the right position, you should then cross your right arm over the left and bring them together. You should then lift both of your elbows and allow your shoulder to slide down your back. You should hold in this position for sometime then repeat the pose with the left arm over the right.

Seated spinal twist

This pose is meant to exercise both the back and neck. To absorb the pose, you need to sit sideways on your chair. You should then place your feet flat on the floor and while holding the back of the chair with both of your hands, twist your waist to the right. You should hold in this position for sometimes then turn to the other side.

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How to Kick Start Your Yoga Practice Again

I would like to admit something: Few weeks I was dragging myself to the yoga mat. It was a hard time for my yoga practice (and for my life as well) because my focus and passion were gone somewhere else due to some difficulties. Needless to say that also see its major impact on my health. My stress levels are continuously rose and various parts of body started aching. It was just a result of prioritizing some other things over my yoga practice for a long time (probably for a month).

However, here's the good part of story: I've been able to successfully kick start my yoga practice again, so improving my health and overall life. Here's how:

  1. I bought a big pass to one of my favorite yoga classes with an expiration date. A financial investment often encourages me to get to the studio. When I spend more money and choose an expensive yoga class, there's a pretty good chance that I'll try my level best to get the most out of that class.
  2. I decided a practice schedule (again) and started following it strictly. I'm not saying that I did not have a practice schedule before today. Of course, I had. However, there was a need of major adjustments due to my changed lifestyle. So I restructured my schedule and started following it strictly. This is the most important part that helped me in starting my practice again.
  3. I took help of a friend. I posted about my new commitment on my Facebook wall, and soon I had a friend who was ready to ask me everyday about how my classes are going. Telling him that I did not go will really embarrass me, especially if I do not have any solid reason. So it really helps in pushing me forward.
  4. I remembered the positive outcomes of yoga. Nothing motivates more than the positive results of anything. I made a list of all the good things that have happened to me due to yoga since the beginning of my yoga practice. It really encouraged and prepared me for practicing again.
  5. I decided to stick to it. Another most important point – staying precise in your commitment. Admitting defeat and leaving just because your life is too busy is quite easier. But the real thing is that life will always remain busy. Being realistic, I know that even if I've made a good comeback after a long departure still it'll be almost impossible for me to move to my yoga mat for everyday of my life. But I also know one more thing that matters most – I'll never give up and will continue to practice.

There's something that more than physical fitness and postures in yoga – being mindful. And as long as I can make mindful decisions to start my practice again and listen to my body carefully, I'm quite happy.

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