You will require a yoga mat if you plan to do regular yoga at home or have decided to join yoga classes. It is an essential item to carry out all yoga activities properly and efficiently. It provides comfort and helps cushion hips, elbows and knees.

There is a huge variety of yoga mats available in the market. Different mats are designed for different purposes and you can pick one according to your need. There are a number of factors that need due consideration to help you choose the right mat.

Price – The cost of a yoga mat increases according to the design, material and brand, so it is very important to keep a price in mind before you go out to buy one. It is important to invest in a mat which is reliable and does not cost much.

Type of Yoga – The style of yoga you will practice on the mat will also play an important factor while selecting the mat.

Material – The material you select will determine the durability of the mat. You can find mats made of polyvinyl chloride, natural latex, jute, rubber, organic cotton and polymer. Select a mat which is sticky and smooth, to prevent slipping and sliding.

Thickness – People with joint pains will need a thicker mat for comfortable yoga practices. The standard ones available in the market are 1/8 inches thick and offer good support to the body.

Size – Yoga mats are available in different sizes to accommodate people of all lengths. Most of them are 68 inches long for people of average height. You can find mats as short as 60 inches and as long as 75 inches to accommodate small and tall yoga practitioners.

Allergies – Consider your allergies and sensitivities while selecting yoga mat. You should carefully check the components of the mat before buying to make sure that it does not cause any harm to your body.

Color and Design – Yoga mats are available in number of colors and designs. You can pick the pattern according to your choice and comfort.

Read Reviews – You should read some reviews online on popular forums to get an idea about which type of mat will be best for you. If many people are happy using a particular mat, then it might be the right one for you too.

There is no lack of choice when it comes to yoga mats. Take some time to reflect on your requirements and you will have no problem in selecting the mat which will be right for you.