There are a few mistakes that are usually done by many people when practicing yoga. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Improper breathing

Mastering how to breathe properly is as important as mastering the different yoga poses. To breath properly you must bring your breath to your chest and feel your ribs expand and deflate with each breath. To do this, you need to draw your navel towards your spell while at the same time keeping your abs engaged so that when you inhale, you can see your chest fill up. If you find that your belly is the one filling instead of your chest when you in, you should know that you are doing it wrong.

2. Pushing the body too far

Although, you are interested in realizing results fast, you should be cautious of stretching yourself too far. Many people make the mistake of exercising even after feeling hurt. Experts recommend that you should stop exercising at the first instance of feeling hurt. This is to avoid injuries which are detrimental to your efforts.

3. Being in the wrong attire

Many people tend to wear the wrong clothes when they are practicing yoga. For example it's common to find beginners wearing jeans in a yoga class. This is wrong. Yoga experts recommend that you should wear light, comfortable, and fitting clothing. Ladies should wear tops that hold their breasts comfortably. Wearing the wrong clothes is detrimental as it precedes you from expertly executing the different yoga poses. The wrong attire also prevails you from concentrating in a yoga class.

4. Lack of concentration in class

This is a common problem especially with beginners. For example, it's common to find many beginners staring at other people instead of concentrating on what the instructor is saying. Although, it's good to look (from to time) at what other people are doing, you should not stare at them. This is because clicking drifts your mind from class.

5. Not practicing when out of class

This is a common problem even in people who are already at advance levels of yoga; most of them do not practice outside class. Although, it's normal to lack time to practice due tight schedule, it's recommended that you exercise at least 10 minutes a day. If you find it hard to get time to practice in your home, you should go with your mat in your place of work and practice during your tea or lunch break. When you consistently practice, you master the different yoga poses much faster. If you find that you lack inspiration to exercise, you should ask a friend or a family member to join you in your exercises.