The postures of yoga vary in degree of difficulty from simple and calming beginner postures to more complex and advanced postures which may take years of practice to master. But, it is advisable to practice the challenging postures under the supervision of certified trainers. There are some advanced postures which are intended for everyone. You should always consult your healthcare provider before you start practicing the most advanced posts to avoid the issues which may arise after practicing the complex postures. Pregnant women and elderly people are restricted from practicing the advanced posts due to practice these complex postures good fitness level is required. Some of the complex yoga postures are:

Peacock Pose

This is the most difficult and complex postures and people who want to master in this posture need to have exceptional athletic conditioning. In this posture, the body weight will be supported by the elbows and wrists. When you practice this posture the palms will be on floor and the fingers will be facing towards the feet. The elbows will be placed against the abdomen. This is the most advanced posture which requires dedication and concentration to accomplish it successfully.


This advanced posture is basically dedicated to Visvamitra and it is the most demanding and advanced asana in the world of yoga. To start this posture you need to place your back leg in standing position and the bottom arm will be used as arm balance and the top arm and torso will be in side-bend position. You need to split your front leg and hold the front foot with the front arm.

Pigeon Pose

This is the most advanced level post due to successfully complete this post you need to master different other difficult poses. This is the most difficult post where the practitioners need to split and arch their torso back and bend their head back to full extension. They also need to hold their back foot with their hands and bring the back foot up, while holding them against the top of their head. This is the most complex form of yoga which requires dedication and concentration to complete it successfully.

These were some of the most complex yoga postures and to practice all these postures it is important to enroll in some yoga classes. For a beginner, it is important to practice all these postures under the guidance of trained professionals. Practitioners need to focus on their practice session and follow the instructions of their trainers to master in these difficult postures.