In some cases conceiving can prove difficult. Experts link infertility to high stress levels. Modern world is packed with high stress levels thought about by careers, partners, homes and a plethora of other commitments.

Yoga plays an integral role in reducing these stress levels so helping you to easily get pregnant. Some of the considerable poses that aid in increasing your fertility levels include:

Child's pose

Also known as Balasana pose, child pose helps you to release hormones that aid in reducing stress. To absorb the pose, you need to first kneel down then sit on your heels while keeping your hands at your sides. At this position, you should inhale then exhale.

Once you have exhaled you should bend forward and allow your chest to rest on your thighs. You should then slide your arms along the back of your body and place your forehead on the floor. You should hold this position until you feel tension. On average, it's recommended that you stay on the pose for at least one minute.

Supported headstand

Most experts recognize this pose as the mother of all yoga poses. This is because it's both strenuous and challenging. The good side with the pose is that other than reducing stress, it also inverts the body thus taking pressure from the heart. The pose also aids in boosting hormones which further reduce stress levels.

To absorb the pose, you need to begin in the Balasana's pose then keeping your hands together, place your forearms on the floor with your head between your fingers. You should inhale and move your feet closer to your head with your heels up and shoulder blade down. At this position, you should exhale and lift your legs up.

To avoid applying pressure on your tailbone, it's recommended that you stretch your legs upward. You should hold this position for at least 10 seconds. To end the pose, you should gently curl your legs down and release yourself into the child's pose. To avoid placing too much weight on your head and neck, it's recommended that you practice against a wall.

Although, this pose is very effective in relieving stress so increasing your chances of conceiving, it's advisable that you avoid it when menstruating.

Forward bend

This is probably the easiest of them all. All you need to do is to bend forward with your legs straight. If you think that you are not agile enough, you can sit down with your legs straight ahead of you then slightly bend forward.

When exercising these poses, it's recommended that you take precaution to ensure that you are not hurt. For ideal results, it's recommended that you exercise under the supervision of a professional Yoga teacher.