It is already proved that yoga offers several benefits to your mind and body. All the postures of this art are known to offer a wide variety of benefits, depending upon the joints and muscles used while practicing. The postures of this exercising system are intended to improve the fitness level, but they are also known for offering varied and significant health and mental benefits. In this form of art there are some twisting poses that offer similar health benefits, but the posts vary importantly in regards to difficulty.

Enhanced Flexibility

The twisting poses of Yoga improve flexibility of the waist muscles or oblique, back muscles and abdominals. Due to the unhealthy and modern lifestyle these muscles tend to become tight and short which result in poor posture and lower back pain. The more twisting posture you will practice, the more you will enhance your flexibility. So, it is necessary that you twist your muscles more while practicing the postures so as to improve flexibility.

Spinal Mobility

Due to age factor and activity the range of movement in your joints is likely to get reduced. Sitting for long hours at desk may adversely affect the spinal mobility which may result in non-specific back pain. By practicing the twisting postures you can mobilize the joints of spine and to achieve this you simply need to rotate the vertebrae smoothly. Spinal mobility can be improved by practicing the twisting postures in rhythmical fashion and slowly rotating it to your right and left.

Internal Health

According to Yogis the yoga twist is a style where the practitioners squeeze their internal organs and also stimulate the flow of oxygenated blood, while eradicating the metabolic waste and toxins. The postures of this exercise are very beneficial for spleen, pancreas, stomach, and kidneys and liver. This posture is also very helpful in reducing digestive discomfort and abdominal bloating. It is advisable to practice at least one twisting posture daily to enhance the health of internal organs.

Mental Well-Being

Twisting postures are also very helpful in eradicating tension and stress from deep within the body. These postures actually help the muscles of shoulder, back and chest to relax and when it is coupled with smooth nasal breathing techniques then it allows the body to release the stress.

The postures of yoga are also known asorative, invigorating and also help in elevating the energy level when the person feels tired and exhausted. So, keep on practicing daily to enjoy all these benefits.