In current times, yoga has become very famous and more and more people are engaging in it. Yoga is known to have many health benefits such as a healthy mind, body, spirit. The benefits are thought about mainly due to the many poses involved in yoga. Although, there are many types of yoga here are the common types:

Hatha yoga

This is the most basic form and it's recommended to people who are just starting out. Here, you are expected to engage in slow and gentle movements while at the same time engaging in deliberate breath work. Since this yoga is basic, it's easy to find classes offering it.

Ashtanga Yoga

This type is ideal for people who are athletic. This is because it involves strenuous exercises that exercise all the limbs in the body. Since this yoga involves plenty of stannous exercises, it's recommended that you take it slowly and give yourself plenty of time to learn all the exercises. Doctors recommend it to aged people suffering from joint and muscle problems.

Iyengar Yoga

This is the most famous type in the west and it's practiced by almost everyone in the western countries. It involves use of wooden gadgets, belts, and routes that help the practitioner to achieve the right pose. There are various postures involved and all of them are aimed at ensuring that you attain healthier mental and physical state. This yoga unites the body, spirit, and mind.

Anusara yoga

This is aimed at people who want to attain great coordination of their mind, body, and spirit. To attain the coordination, you have to engage in many postures that are aimed at training the mind and the body to attain the required coordination. Although, anyone can join an Anusara class, the class is mostly recommended to people who want to attain high levels of imagination and want to unite the body, mind, and spirit.

Kundalini yoga

This type is designed for the people who are at advanced levels. Here, high levels of mental, spiritual, and physical coordination are required. To achieve the coordination, advanced postures and breathing techniques are put in place. Since this is an advanced type, it's not offered in many yoga classes; therefore, if you want to practice it you need to look for special classes offering it.


These are the common types of yoga. Before you join any yoga class, you should do your research and ensure that it's being handled by a professional teacher.