I've been a yoga practitioner since 10 years. In my whole decade long yoga practice it's not surprising that sometimes I find myself less inspired for doing yoga while sometimes I find myself totally obsessed with yoga. At such times I double the time of my practice and start practicing in two sessions everyday. Needless to say that as a result I feel more conscious, more flexible, happier, calmer and more relaxed during those days. But I know that it's a fleeting feeling that'll come down occasionally and naturally. However, here's an interesting thing – I enjoy every bit of it. As a yoga teacher nothing looks better to me than eating, sleeping and practicing yoga, so even in the phase of obsession I'm enjoying every breath of my yoga sessions.

You too may be obsessed with your yoga practice. Given below are 8 signs of a full-fledged yoga obsession:

  1. You count time in breaths instead of seconds. For example, when your alarm clock jerks you out of sleep in the morning, you think “just 5 more breaths” before hitting that snooze button.
  2. You start prescribing a treatment of each ailment in a combination of asanas, meditation and green vegetables. As a result, people have stopped talking to you about their ailments.
  3. When you're free, you make yourself busy watching YouTube videos about yoga, reading yoga articles (like this one) or sharing yoga quotes on social media sites.
  4. You compare every challenge of your life with the one when you finally packed up your fear for your first yoga session.
  5. You try to find out the time for a quick Handstand on parties and other social events.
  6. When you plan your schedule for parties or social events, you compare it to that of your favorite Yoga teacher. You'll probably try to avoid the parties of Friday nights because it'll hold you back from waking up early in the morning for your yoga session.
  7. You'd rather like to hang out with your friends of yoga class at a yoga workshop instead of going for a coffee at a bar.
  8. And finally, when you go to bed at night, you drift off for doing Savasana. After doing it when you fall on bed for sleeping you start thinking of the sequences that you'll practice next day in the morning and when you sleep you dream about yoga.
  9. Sometimes while walking outside you start looking at strangers thinking where do they hold their stress and tension.

Can you relate to any of these signs? If yes then you too are obsessed with yoga. Whether you find it good or bad it depends upon your situation and mind.