Okay guys, here's a horrible scenario: A deadline is looming. My mind is going on a rollercoaster ride. If I do not get this assignment done there may be serious consequences! My mind starts thinking about the worst-case results and I start to panic. I feel as if I'm about to explode. I need to sit down, work hard and focus only on the task at hand but I just can not concentrate because adrenaline is pumping through my body.

This is the time when I take a deep breath and remind myself of my abilities. I remind myself that I can do this only if I calm down and get it together. But how do I do it faster? I know that yoga can obviously help, but obviously there's no time for a full session of yoga practice. I need some excess energy fast to get my mind working so I should try some posts that can help me in achieving that energy as quickly as possible.

Fortunately I know that there are some poses that can always help me in focusing quickly. I can either add them into Sun Salutations for a quick 15 minute practice or I can practice them individually to get my mind back in the working condition (in fact, sometimes even faster in the working condition).

  1. Hop-Switch Lunges. This is one of my go-to practices for getting rid of that extra energy. It takes arm, core and leg strength to hop and switch legs in this position (I leave my hands on the floor and switch the forward leg only). It takes about 10 reps and my heart rate starts increasing. Soon I realize that the thoughts which were rolling in my mind have now gone.
  2. Mini-Kicks Toward Handstand. I've never been able to balance in the Handstand position for more than a few seconds. And when I'm tensed about an urgent assignment, it is obviously not the time to try balancing myself in handstand, but a few controlled kicks remind me of limitless possibilities. As an added bonus, they're funny and interesting – something that reminds me of not taking everything so seriously.
  3. Chaturanga. This pose makes me feel positive. I am capable, I am strong and I can achieve anything – That is how I feel after doing Chaturanga.
  4. Headstand. I usually avoid it until I've burnt my extra energy with a few other posts mentioned above. But when I do it, I feel really focused and filled with a new perspective about doing things.
  5. Seated Meditation. No matter how high is my mind flying, 10-20 deep breaths are enough to bring it down. Sitting up at the angle of 90 °, resting my hands down on my knees and breathing deeply helps me in relaxing my mind. As a result I'm able to focus on my work again.