Festive season has already gone but I'm still trying to recover from an awesome weekend celebration with my family and my eating habits (because as you may expect, during festive seasons I start eating a lot like most other people). Several yoga teachers across the country are teaching poses to help in aid digestion. And although poses to aid digestion are unduly required at this time, I find that I need something more. Perhaps a little bit of energy to boost me up and help me in getting out of my food coma.

So given below are 5 of my favorite posts that I do to energize my mood on the yoga mat:

  1. Backbends. Obviously these are one of the most common poses for energizing the body and mood. Even the gentle backbends can be stimulating for you. Since the weather is cooler and darker, I've been doing a lot with the “backbend” in my yoga practice. For instance, I often practice Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch Pose), which is a forward-bending pose in which my hands remain behind my back in prayer position. It seems energizing and soothing both – exactly what I require during the winter season.
  2. Sun Salutations. As days become shorter ahead of the Winter Equinox, it's easy to get inside a bolster and call it a day. Often there are times when doctor orders to do so. But when I feel stagnant and sluggish I get out of that bolster for doing a round of Sun Salutations. Nothing seems more effective than a round of quick Sun Salutes to help me in feeling like myself once again.
  3. Inversions. Handstand and Headstand are specifically energizing inversions for me. Often when I have only a few minutes for my yoga practice this is what I prefer to do.
  4. Favorite Pose! Floating (it'll be better to call it “thudding”)) from Down Dog to Uttanasana is not exactly a “pose” in itself but that's one of my favorite things at this moment. It's funny to feel that split second of weightlessness and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel stronger. I'm keeping this pose in the list of energizing because any pose that makes us feel happier can make us feel energized.
  5. Savasana. My very first yoga teacher once told me that 10 minutes of Savasana was equivalent to four hours of extra sleep. Amazing, is not it? It sounded like music to my ears. In response I though “Awesome. That means I can stay awake all the night studying and then just take 20-minutes of Savasana before my exams will be enough to keep me energized!” But soon I learned that either my teacher was exaggerating her statement or she was just plain wrong – I'm still unsure about it. But yeah, she was right about one thing: A long and restful Savasana undoably gives more energy when we feel exhausted or stressed out.