Usually during any bad day I used to come to home, eat some snacks while drinking coffee and watch a romantic comedy to get prepared for making my dinner. A few hours like that used to divert my attention towards something else. All these things used to provide me the temporary happiness that was required to do something else because you may already know, the end of a bad day breaks us down in such a manner that we do not like to do anything at that time. But after all these things were over, I used to feel tired and sluggish – so preparing myself for another bad day. In fact, when we spend more time in escaping from our bad day instead of living it we actually face a lot more problems.

I knew that something must change in my routine for preventing this to happen, so since last few weeks I did a change in my schedule and joined an evening yoga class. I made the decision that even if I'm piled up with a lot of work on my desk, still I'll go to the class at any cost. Comfort foods and drinks like snacks and coffee got switched with comfort poses, and I must say that it helped me a lot in getting rid of that unhappiness.

Given below are some poses that I do in my evening class and I must say that they're life-savior at the end of a bad day. You too can try them and feel the difference yourself:

  1. Child's Pose: It's one of the best poses for gaining happiness. When you take a deep breath and melt onto the floor in child pose, you take care of yourself and permit your body to listen up to your intuition.
  2. Viparita Karani: This is a conservative pose. You can try it over a bolster or over a blanket. It helps a lot in decreasing the amount of stress and over simulation. Only five minutes can make a difference for the whole day.
  3. Downward-Facing Dog Pose: I do not like to go to any yoga class that does not include Downward-Facing Dog in some way. This pose helps a lot in achieving the maximum relief when you feel stressed out. For doing it easily I place my head either over a bolster or over a blanket.
  4. Shouldstand: This one may be tough for many of you, but just one minute of this pose can help significantly in throwing the bad thoughts out of your head.
  5. Savasana: This pose is also one of the best ones for giving a rest to a tired brain. It's a pose in which you simply rest, breathe and absorb the benefits of your yoga practice.