1. Corpse Pose or Savasana : When I entered a yoga class for the first time I was a college student who had no idea of ​​yoga. At that day when I did Savasana I found it to be hard, but I knew that it's too powerful. Since then I quickly turned into a yoga believer from skeptical and I've never seen back after it.
  2. Handstand or Adho Mukha Vakrasana : When I tried Handstand for the first time I was expecting it to be easier. After all, in childhood I used to do it daily. But soon I realized that I was wrong. It was not so easy to do and I found myself struggling when I did it for the first time. However, with the help of my yoga teacher I was able to do it correctly after a few minutes of mistakes. At that time I realized that there's much more to be learnt in the yoga community and I must be a part of it. I started to take practice and my teachers more seriously and gracefully.
  3. Firefly pose or Tittibhasana : After Handstand when my teacher turned towards more poses which seemed almost impossible to me, I was about to opt out of my yoga class. I knew about some poses like arm balances that I could never do them, so why would I bother to try? For wrecking my body? However, thanks to my teacher who changed my perception by the help of Firefly pose. This pose actually requires less core strength and brute arm force but more hip flexibility. And I must say that it felt quite easier than the first time itself. This experience increased my confidence and changed my perception about 'hard-appearing poses' and encouraged me to keep trying.
  4. Warrior Pose I or Virabhadrasana : If there's one pose that I could not mastered even in my 5 years long yoga practice then it's Warrior Pose I. It looks really hard. At first I thought of it as a basic standing pose but actually there are so many nuances in it that each time when an experienced yoga teacher used to pass and guide me for doing it in a better way. As a beginner I found it to be really frustrating and was about to stop practicing it. But soon before that I realized that position does not matter much in this pose and all the guidance that my teachers used to give me were just for making the pose better while I was also doing it in a correct manner. Those were just additional advices for making things better and nothing else. What matters really is the consciousness of mind while doing it. Your mind and focus must be present at the body parts which are getting affected by the pose. That's all. I hate it that it's the only pose that I could not master even in my years long yoga practice, but I also know that it does not matter.