Nothing empowers me better than my yoga practice and food. I just remember how awkward, weak and uncomfortable I was feeling when I entered my first yoga class, and immediately I start to feel the capacity of doing anything in the whole world. So whenever I feel stuck in life, whenever I do not find the words to express myself, whenever I feel overwhelmed by a never ending to-do-list or whenever I'm still feeling bad about myself, I unroll my yoga mat to get empowered.

It's first week of the new year so it's a particularly important time. Everyone is busy in setting resolution, goals, making promises and in trying to change himself / herself. It's easy to forget how great our “present” is and get cooked up in the beauty of future. When we do not see any immediate results from our efforts, we start feeling frustrated and hopeless.

I know that I have the power of changing myself if I ever need it and thanks to my yoga practice for it. I know that I have all the knowledge, tools and patience to achieve my goals-in the same way as I learnt difficult poses. Even more importantly, I know that none of these things actually determine my value. I know that it's not a big deal if I never get my feet to my head or I never get successful in a deep backbend. I can my own backbend in my desired way, still achieving the desired results – all because of Yoga.

I thought of sharing my yoga knowledge with you too so you can also feel powerful in your life. Here are a few posts that help me in staying empowered:

  1. Handstand: In order to save my life I could not do a Hand when I first started taking yoga classes. Now things have changed and I can balance in it (even if it's for half a second only). Of course, I ever lose my balance and fall on my mat. But I do not feel any hurdle in trying again – it's just an evidence of how far I've come.
  2. Arm balances: First time when I came to know about Arm Balances was through a picture on the net. And I was pretty sure that it was a camera trick because it seemed almost impossible to me. And it will not be an exaggeration if I say that it took me several years to lift my feet off the floor into Crane Pose. I still remember that moment as it happened yesterday, and each time when I practice arm balance I feel that same sense of accomplishment.
  3. Core stabilizers: One thing that I've been practicing again and again since the beginning of my asana practice is engaging my core in every pose. I love how focusing on my core increases my focus while practicing Navasana or Tadasana.
  4. Savasana: In my opinion restorative poses like Savasana are the most empowering poses. So whenever I find myself struggling with the situations I do a small round of Savansana and become prepared for handling the situations.