Suppose the scene of morning time – birds are singing, wind is flowing and you have not yet checked your emails. It's the time when there are little-to-no distractions and when your mind is calm and relaxed. Have you ever thought of incorporating yoga in your morning? I bet that nothing can be better than practicing yoga in your mornings. Before you get bombarded in your day with a lot of things which require attention, it's better to get prepared for them by practicing yoga at the beginning of your day. Yoga helps us in getting centered and focused on our inner space for a few moments – as a result we get more energy and focus for the whole day. Given below are three poses which should be practiced by everyone in the morning before getting started for a busy day:

  1. Side Stretches and Standing Backbend: As soon as you wake up, you need some Vitamin D for improving your mood. Side stretches and Standing backbend are two good positions for gaining it. Just get out of your house and go to a nearby park or garden. Start by inhaling your arms upwards and bending your back slightly for feeling elongation in your body. Exhale and bring down one hand to the side of your body but keep another hand still in the raised position. Give some stretching to your head, neck and sides by stretching your body to the side of your relaxed hand – this will give an even deeper stretch to your ribs and side body. Inhale up to the center slowly and exhale toward the opposing side. Repeat the whole cycle at least 5 times in each session. If you can not go to a park or ground then you can do it in your room too, but do not forget to open a window for allowing some natural light in the room.
  2. Forward Fold: Probably you're going to sit for the most part of your day, so it's better to do some stretches right at the beginning of your day. Numerous researchers have proven already that sitting a lot is not too good for our health. It shortens our muscles and tight muscles may lead to injury. So it's better to stretch out in the morning. For doing this pose Exhale and bend forward giving some pressure on your hips. Try to bring your chest near the thighs and allow your head to hang heavily. Try to feel the stretch in lower spine and legs. This pose not only stretches your body but also makes the flow of fresh blood towards your brain allowing it to get refreshed. Take 10 deep breaths in this position.
  3. Down Dog: Tuck your toes downwards and raise your tailbone as high as possible. Drop your head down and give some pressure using your hands to create the length in spine. Draw your navel towards the spine and give some pressure on the ground through your feet. Close your eyes once you're balanced in this pose and take 5 deep breaths.