Yoga: For Sleep-Deprived Students, Try These Principles

In the world today, students are meant to go through a lot, just so they could meet up. They go through a lot of all-night study sessions, examination, writing of thesis papers that sees like they can never be completed and other academic tasks. For students who find themselves in this kind of situation and need some help, you have to embrace the awful benefits of yoga. Here are the principles:

1. Just Relax

With a lot of activities going on, it is possible to get engrossed in the activities of the day. Now, it is time for you to step back and take some time off. At this time, you need to cut off those things that are seeking for your attention. Just stay away from the internet, textbook, laptop, cell phones and strike a pose. Make out time each day, to re-focus and also recharge, whenever you are over stressed. One of the major reason for practicing yoga, is to release tension as well as revitalize the organ systems of the body. This includes the nervous as well as the lymphatic system. Putting the entire body in a state of rest, will bring internal peace and calm.

2. Step out and do some proper exercise.

Well, apart from just sitting there in the library, memorizing answers for your next exam, you can just step out and do some simple workout. Your body and brain, appreciates this too. Just do something different that will elevate your heart rate. Prove that even in the middle of your final exams, you have made up your mind to do it. It is very important for us to exercise our body regularly. The yoga asana, are designed in a special way, to benefit every part of the body. They also helps to improve circulation, strength and muscle toning, increase your flexibility and give you more energy through the day.

3. Breathe

It is very essential to breathe. Do not let commitments, distract you from doing your normal routine or breathing. A few deep breaths would go a long way, when you have a lot of tasks to be done. It is important for you to remember that the deeper the, breathe the more the volume of oxygen that gets to your brain. The more oxygen that reaches the brain, the better the brain will retain information.

4. Mind what you eat

While it is advisable to eat well, not everything should be consumed as food. Eat balanced diet that contains all the necessary nutrients that can make your body to function properly. Food is meant to sustain the body and spirit. This is why when you eat most of the time, amidst emotional upset or boredom, the diet does not need to go well. Ensure that you keep the body light, mind calm and also assist the immune system to stay strong. This can only be achieved by eating properly.

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Daily Yoga Practice

Yoga, an ancient practice, has won the heart of a lot of people. Its popularity and awareness is increasing every now and then. A lot of people have come to terms with the awful benefits of yoga. They are very much aware of how it can benefit their general health, fitness and also influencing their lifestyle. These benefits are what is encouraging a lot of people, to consider daily yoga practice.

Yoga is fit for everyone. It is not designed for those with special body sizes or shapes. Anyone can practice it conveniently. All that is required is for that person to be consistent, and well-focused. Yoga has no age boundary. This is what makes the exercise both inviting as well as accessible to people of all age group. There are different types of yoga that targets different parts of our body. They are associated with flexibility, strength, focus as well as concentration. Yoga can benefit the body in more ways than one. It can help to release stress as well as tension that is trapped in our body. We can achieve this relief, through series of controlled breathing and chanting, while forming diverse poses.

Yoga's results are very visible. They speak for themselves. The practice has become very popular that people are adding daily yoga practice into their schedules. The flexibility of yoga is also awesome: at home, in your office, while in a bus, train or in yoga classrooms. There are yoga exercises that fit into every aspect of life. At any time you have a free moment, there is an exercise that will help you to quiet your mind in pursuit of balance and harmony.

Most parents that have young children, are embracing yoga practices into their family. They are now often seen, teaching their children yoga classes or buying manuals that can help them to train their children properly in yoga. The major reason for this is that yoga has been proved to benefit children a lot. It can help to improve a child's concentration as well as focus. Children are easily distracted, there is no doubt about that. It is also their nature, not to concentrate on one thing for a very long period of time. By engaging in some daily yoga practice, you can help your children to learn how to concentrate, relieve stress, become even more flexible and also create inner stability.

Yoga is good for your health, as it helps in taking care of problems such as muscle strain, and back pain. With yoga, there is no need for you to use any medication for slight pain that you feel in your body. Without that particular pain you are feeling is debilitating. If it is, taking care of it naturally, is the safest option. There are numerous yoga poses that can help you to relieve body pain. Try and include them in your routine. It will help to ease your body and completely get rid of the pain.

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Yoga: 3 Tips To Improve Your Flexibility

Having the ability to stretch very well, does not make one a better yogi. Once you start having this feelings, like you are making some progress in your practice, this is what is most important, even in all areas of life. Most people, get amazed at the rate at which they start gaining flexibility, after a short time of practice. This can make you want to continue practicing, just to make more improvements. After some time of practice, you start experiencing a decline. This does not mean you should give up or quite. It is time for you to press on, look inwards and make some adjustments. It is not enough for you to stop trying, because you felt like your flexibility has reached its limit. The truth is, you will start seeing results when you stop worrying yourself on how flexible you are. Here are a few tips that will help you gain flexibility:

1. Just Be Patient

It does not matter if you practice all the yoga poses. You do not have to expect improvement in your flexibility at once. Do not forget that it took a long time for your body to be stiff, so it will still take time for it to open up again. Remember that yoga is not all about flexibility. It is about practicing and accepting who you are.

2. Concentrate on Specific Areas

We all have it. Those tight areas that feels like they will never open up. The most popular areas are the hips, shoulders as well as hamstrings. When we feel some tightness in some areas, we tend to avoid doing poses that require flexibility in those areas. Instead, we focus on posts that we can perform with ease. The important thing to look at here is that, our fears and insecurities about our lack of flexibility, is the major reason why areas are stiff, still remains stiff. Give yourself a push and try out some yoga poses that will open up those stiff areas

3. Do not try to force it

Hatha yoga is sometimes translated as 'forceful' or 'willful'. The normal traditional mindset that people have about stretching and flexibility, is that stretching should be done with force, even when it is painful. Well, it is a fact that some amount of force is needed to stretch the muscles, but we should understand that flexibility is as much as mental as physical. One major reason why we experience tight muscles is that the mind thinks that it needs to protect our body from any form of pain. For this reason, it gives instructions to your muscles to tense up, when you go deeper into stretches and postures. While this may be a good idea, we should remember that we are practicing yoga to gain some perfection. It is a good thing that our mind is protecting us but we must try to teach our minds that it is safe to do the stretching. Once we can successfully do this, everything else will follow.

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Why to Become A Yoga Trainer

Yoga is an ancient practice of healing. It has been in use since ages. This term is derived from the “Sanskrit” word “Yog” which means practice and discipline. Yoga is a very comprehensive field and consist of various Madras and asana that help in bringing self-control in life.

The doctrine of yoga deals with the purification of the soul. As per the philosophy of this science, the pure soul is the main source to achieve better health standards. Yoga harbors various asana that help in bringing complete balance in life. According to the philosophy of yoga, the one who attains self-control will certainly achieve mental peace and stability.

The lifestyle of every individual has changed to a drastic level. The long working hours, inadequate sleep and work pressure have given birth to a very serious problem ie stressed. This is considered as the root cause of several other problems. The increase in the level of stress gives rise to various diseases like increase blood sugar level, increase blood pressure, hypertension, etc. These are certainly serious problems and can even provide the threat to life. The asana and mudra in yoga harbor cure for these problems. Performing these on a regular basis can easily control these diseases.

Because of the few advantages associated with yoga, pranayama and asana, the world is turning towards this healing practice. This has increased the demand of the yoga trainers, making yoga teacher training a very fruitful career. As per the latest trends, the demand for yoga teachers will certainly be going to multiply as people are achieving several health benefits of this healing practice. Moreover, the corporate houses are also organizing yoga sessions to their employees in order to increase the work productivity.

This course is specifically designed for those who want to pursue the career in the domain of yoga. In these courses, the participants get complete information about yoga and how it helps in controlling several diseases. In order to teach the principles of yoga, it is necessary to attain a yoga teacher training certificate.

There are several yoga schools that are offering yoga certification courses. During the sessions, the participants learn various aspects of yoga, it's preaching, the mudras and asana associated with this and also the art of achieving self-control. After the completion of the Yoga teacher training course, the participant can join any yoga school as a yoga trainer or can set up yoga training institute.

Thus, we can infer from the above text that becoming a yoga trainer is certainly a very good career option. This also provides an excellent self-employment option for you. There are several yoga schools that are offering yoga certification course. So, you can join these institutes in order to become certified yoga trainer.

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The Ultimate Goal Of Yoga

While on the mat, the yoga instructor, becomes a center of focus. Discipline and unwavering concentration lights the part, as he or she strives to perfect some asanas. He or she, challenges both the body and mind, to achieve a higher state of being. But with all this, what does it actually mean? What is the ultimate goal of yoga? This question is a very complicated one. The reason is because each practitioner, has his or her own goals. However, we all know that yoga has been existing for a long time, there has to be a grand design. There is to be an ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal of yoga can be called moksha. This is the liberation from worldly suffering and samsara, which is the circle of birth and death through reincarnation. However, in all yoga schools, the goal of the yoga instructor is to attain perfect tranquility and spiritual insight. This is the state that will lead to moksha an eternal peace. For those Yoga practitioners that are very serious, moksha is worth more than just sweat on the mat. It is also worth more than just attending a few class every week. It requires an austere, self-disciplined life, which is centered round the five principles of yoga. These principals are;

• Proper relaxation
• Proper exercise
• Proper breathing
• Proper diet
• Positive thinking and meditation.

The rules as well as guidelines of this self-disciplined life, are called yama and niyama. Yama can be referred to as social ethics while niyama, as personal practices. They can be considered as the first steps in building a conscious relationship with the world, and also with yourself. They are also considered as the first part of the Eight Yoga Path of Patanjali, which is known as the individual development of the body, mind and soul. A lot of yoga instructors, may as well refer to them as the dos 'and don'ts' of being humans.

The disciplined life is guided by a simple understanding. The understanding of the fact that majority of the problems of life, are self-imposed limitation. Things like poor habits, frivolous living as well as unfolded beliefs, all contribute to a confusing world that we are. Yoga practices like yama and niyama are very useful. They help practitioners to prioritize their inner as well as outer worlds, so that balance and proportions can be restored to all aspects of life.

Some yoga masters have given their own description of yoga. They give the ultimate description of yoga as being 'consciously conscious. This means that the sense of a personal life, and the sense of unlimited spirit and consciousness are united. It is very important for everyone to know that moksha is a noble ambition. It has been shared by a lot of people through history. Up till today, yama and niyama still guide the lives of thousands of yoga practitioners. Although historically, this is considered to be yoga's ultimate goal, yoga itself, is a highly personal endeavor with great rewards.

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The Benefits Of Meditation For That 20 Minute Yoga

Is the use of meditation for yoga practice important? Well, this question is as good as the answer itself. Meditation dictates how the body is kept secured and relaxed while workout is being carried out. For that 20 minute yoga routine, try doing some meditation. It forms a vital part of your yoga routine. It is used not only to ease the body from tension or stress, but to also give it some time to relax. This system can be very useful, especially in situations when you are worn out and need some rest. During yoga practice meditation is highly appreciated. It makes it a little bit easier for one to control his or her breathing well. Meditation is also very useful in dictating the way energy flows through how body.

The ways through which you can involve meditation in your 20 minute yoga routine, includes some traditional moves. This works well with positions like Corpse of the Child pose. These poses that are listed here, implications minimal movements, with some simple muscle as well as breathing controls. They can be held for quite some minutes in your yoga routine, so as to give you the opportunity to rest. When doing this, you will feel the tension in your body, getting relaxed as you maintain a comfortable state. This is very necessary, because it helps to ease the body from tension and stress. It also causes it to be healthy as possible. At this point, awareness of mind and body is also very important. They are both badly needed at this point. This involves having a good understanding of your mental location as well as how you feel. Your awareness can be used to your own advantage. It can be used to help you adjust your train of thought, so that you can feel a little more comfortable with your workout. But mind you, it has to be used carefully, if you want to keep your body running well.

At the end of your routine, meditation are always enjoyable. At the end of your 20 minute workout, try to include it. After the engaging in those tough yoga movements, you may want to use meditation to rest the body a while. Your yoga routine should feature meditation as a very important part. Yoga used with meditation, can bring great benefits to the workouts. So give it a try, and enjoy its endless benefits.

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The Most Effective Ways To Use Yoga To Lose Belly Fat

If you fall within this category of people, you might want to ask this same question. Using yoga exercises to get rid of excess belly fat, is an ancient technique. It has been used by many people as a weight loss program, and has proven to be very successful. When you look at the way most people live their lives, you will discover that they no longer consider what they eat. They consume anything they see, as long as their stomach gets filled up. Although there are several reasons why this may occur. One of the reasons might be because of how tight one's schedules may be. With this kind of situation, the only way to get something into the stomach is by eating fast meals. These fast meals are what is known as junks. Well, the truth is that it is not bad when you eat junky foods once in a while, but when you make it a habit, the connecences are not favorable.

If you watch carefully, we have a lot of people who are obese these days. A majority of them turns out to be children or young adults. This is becoming very alarming, and that is why everyone has to be careful. Once you become obese, you will discover that treating it is even more demanding that spending time to take care of the body. However, you should access some free burning burning workouts, if you find yourself in this condition. This will help you a lot, to get rid of the excess fat in your body. Prevention they say is far better than cure itself. Eating healthy diet is the most important way of staying healthy. We should all cultivate a healthy eating habit, so that we do not get into trouble in the future.

Bodily exercise is very important. Some people just get up in the morning, without even trying out some workouts. You can choose to do your workout anytime you like. Just pick a time that is convenient for you. You can also check out your body fat by considering some fat burning workouts. There are different forms of yoga that can help you burn that fat out. If you are not conversant with them, ensure that you speak with a well-trained yoga instructor. When offered a pose that you are not comfortable with, you can switch to another one that you like. Be reminded that you have a goal, so give your best, and the result would be great. Make it a daily routine, and you will see the results.

Also, before you get one with your yoga practice, you should remember to get the right gadgets. Your yoga instructor may guide you on this. Get the best by setting a target. But the bottom line is that you must discipline yourself on the type of food you will eat sinceforth. Yoga is very beneficial to everyone. Practice it and see how it will transform you absolutely.

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Yoga Routine For Weight Loss

For weight loss, having some yoga routine is the best option one can think of. Weight gain, if not controlled can cause some complications, which could affect our entire well-being. Yoga has lots of benefits. It can be used to maintain our body weight. Being overweight can lead to so many health problems.This is why medical practitioners always advise people to be careful with what they eat and be mindful of other activities that can lead to weight. We all must maintain proper body weight, and yoga has the answer for that.

The best way to ensure that we take care of our body properly, is to make sure that we live a good and responsible lifestyle. This is very important for everyone. One of the ways to do so is to be mindful of what we eat. Some people do not even consider what they eat. Some of these foods that we eat, have some irregular fats that may cause us to gain more weight. Eating balanced diets that contains all the necessary nutrients is the best. No matter how small it is, the quality should be okay. Exercise is another important thing to consider. We should all have it included in our schedule. Yoga routine for weight loss, is the best thing anyone can think of. While practicing it, you will not only have a healthy body but also have an excellent opportunity to possess a good mental balance. You can see how healthy, a lot of yoga practitioners look. These are some of the benefits you get from practicing yoga regularly.

A lot of people have come to terms with the importance of practicing yoga. They have seen how people who practiced yoga, especially for weight loss have benefited from it. Yoga routine for weight loss is very effective. It is very effective for getting rid of excess body fats. Part of the reason it does so is that it helps to improve the metabolic process of the body. Engaging in this weight loss plan through yoga, will also make the body to receive enough oxygen. This is possible because during yoga practice, one is made to breathe deep. Yoga has several poses or exercises for weight loss. These poses are very effective, and can be performed by everyone. An example of such yoga weight loss pose that you can add to your schedule is called Pranyam. This is a system which considers some breath control. It usually results in weight loss. Most yoga poses are so delicate that one can not just start practicing them alone. It is important to get a well-trained yoga instructor to guide you. This is so because if the style is done wrongly, it can have some negative effect on the body.

There are other techniques that are very useful for weight loss. Go to a trained yoga instructor to direct you on that. Also, remember that practicing yoga and eating good diet, is what will give you good results. You must eat healthy diets and also ensure that you are consistent with your yoga practice.

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Yoga And Meditation: The Great Health Benefits Of The Duo

Yoga and meditation, offers great benefits when practiced together. They both help to strengthen the mind-body connection, enhance the overall fitness as well as well-being. A lot of yoga styles, combines meditation with physical routine. Through these yoga poses, controlled breath is very used. One can meditate, without even practicing yoga. You can do this perfectly by relaxing, clearing your mind, and also concentrating on controlled breathing. Both yoga and meditation, when used consistently, offers great health benefits.

Management of stress

Practicing yoga regularly, will help you to reduce stress response in your body. By helping you reduce the inflammatory response to the stressors on your body, yoga will help to reduce your chances of having some stress-related conditions. These conditions are; high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Meditation is also an active stress reducer. It helps to reduce conditions like anxiety, panic disorders and agoraphobia, with anxiety disorder.

Enhance flexibility

Especially in the western society, people are mostly plagued with desk-bound jobs. They sit for long hours on one spot, almost every day. This will lead to cases like reduced muscle mass, flexibility as well as fitness. Also, office work increases neck and shoulder strain from hunching over in front of a computer all day. The aim of yoga poses, is to stretch as well as lengthen the muscles. Increased flexibility, will help you in daily movements like lifting and bending, while also improving sport's performance. Many athletes have identified this great benefits of yoga. They add yoga to their workout schedules, to improve or maintain flexibility.

Emotional Improvement

Yoga and meditation, both improves the mental focus of an individual. They also provide a general feeling of well-being to an individual. Many discipline of yoga, are based around an upbeat of them. For example, the Anusara yoga's philosophy looks for the good in all things. It is created for an uplifting experience that is focused on the celebration of the heart. Meditation no doubt, provides an emotional boost. It does so through deep relaxation, and can be transported out anywhere. You can give yourself some emotional boost by taking a meditation break for 10-minutes, right at your desk. To do this, simply shut your eyes, and concentrate on relaxing your muscles. Also including deep breathing.

Better diets.

Practicing yoga, has been shown to improve fitness and body awareness too. This contributions, leads to better eating habits as well. This invariably leads to increased self-esteem and a burning desire to take proper care of your body. Practicing meditation or yoga is a special behavior modification technique that can help you to improve your entire fitness.

Improved Health

Reducing your stress level, eating healthy diets and getting more exercises can only result to better health. The modern-day life is full of stressful situations, fatigue from long hours, little sleep, anxiety disorders and a long list of stress-related diseases. Adding meditation or yoga to your life, will improve its quality.

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Yoga and Weight Loss – It Works!

Unfortunately a lot of us, at one time or another have done something stupid to reduce weight – from some of those crazy fad diets, over the top exercise routines (that only professionals should try), to fasting and appetite suppressants.

Thing is in trying to find a get-thin-quick scheme everyone has missed out on one of the best ways to reduce weight around – YOGA!

That's right yoga is a great way to reduce weight! Thanks to some of those late night infomercials people are led to believe that an ab machine or other effective weight loss tool is the way to go and that creams, powders and tablets are the only way to achieve weight loss – unfortunately you are not losing weight trying these – you are just losing your money.

You do not really have to feel the burn – at least not with yoga.

While diet and exercise really is the only way to effectively reduce weight – yoga has real potential to help you reach your goals. Not all forms of yoga will help you lose weight but some special types of yoga such as Power Yoga will have you raising a sweat and burning calories in no time. Yoga in general does not have the movements that get your heart rate pounding but there are some forms of yoga – like a power yoga that will help you shed the kilos and keep them off. Yoga is great for stress relief and can be combined with other exercises for a more all round approach to weight loss and a sense of well being.

You can use yoga as your main form of exercise with a goal to reduce weight, but you must be aware that you need to engage in a yoga class that is at least 90 minutes long and a yoga class that includes a lot of positions and / or movements that will raise your heart rate to a fat-burning level at least 3 days a week.

If you can combine a yoga class like this with other forms of exercise such as running or power walking you'll not only reduce weight but you will gain strength and flexibility as well.

The most strenuous forms of yoga include movements that not only raise the heart rate but also tone muscles. Moreover it not only lowers your stress levels but also increases insulin sensitivity. This tells your body to use the food you eat as fuel and not to just store it as fat. Yoga also helps with digestion and improvements blood circulation around the glands that control appetite – just some more evidence to show that yoga can help you reduce weight.

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Yoga Styles Explained

Here's some of the most popular styles of yoga, explained.

Iyengar: This style of yoga focuses on precise alignment. The teachers are well trained and the system has a structured training system that helps to indicate the experience of the teacher. Teachers have a good knowledge of how to adjust postures for different physical limitations. This style of yoga is very “right-brained” and is a good one for people need to understand why they are doing something in order to experience it fully. You will likely only learn yoga postures in an Iyengar class.

Kripalu: This style of yoga is more focused on the feeling and energy you feel in the postures. The postures can be challenging in their own way, without necessarily looking gymnastic. Meditation and breath work are an integral part of these classes. This is a great style for people who are seeking an emotional experience of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini yoga focuses on changing your energy experience. The classes include chanting. There are a lot of repetitive arm movements in their “kriyas” or sequences. Your teacher may wear all white and sport a turban. This style emphasizes the power of women and is a great system for women (and men) who are attracted to spirituality.

Power Yoga or Flow Yoga: If you want a workout, look for these classes. They get you sweating and moving. These are great classes if you are seeking physical fitness as your primary yoga goal.

Hot Yoga: Hot Yoga is performed in a very hot room. One of the big advantages of this style of yoga is that the same postures are done every time and the same script is used by every teacher. Because the number and variety of yoga poses can be confusing, it can be easier to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is not a good class for people who have health issues, due to the extreme high heat.

Astanga Yoga: A rigid sequence of postures. Like Hot Yoga, there is one set sequence that is performed in every class. Each pose is held for 5 breaths. The sequence is challenging but you can quickly move on to the next one if you can not get it right away. This is a very physically challenging style of yoga. Teachers may use a lot of sanskrit terms. This style is good for very fit people who like a challenge.

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Yoga Inspiration

Yoga is a pure and holistic way of life that integrates all elements of ancient knowledge of Vedas to make a prayerful discipline uniting the body, mind and soul with the universe.

So here we have for the fun loving yogini, ruched elastic band Harem yoga pants, flowy and comfy, loose, made from light weight & airy natural fabrics that are so easy-to-wear and wash. Striped and patterned fabrics, mandala, peacock design or om prints, the baggy trouser pants are available in a multitude of colors. Pair the boho genie pants with a simple kurta or yoga tees, add mala beads and you are set to ablaze the bhakti.

Harem Pants: –

Harem Pants are very easy to wear and it is very comfortable to do any kind of exercises. These Yoga pants are made up of beautiful hand made vintage sari fabric with authentic border trims. The fabric is a light weight Vintage Sari silk, these are really fun and cool to look at. It is perfect for spring, summer and fall seasons with your funky shoes; also perfect for dancers, artists, yogis and yoginis, and expecting moms

Palazzo Pants For Yoga: –

Rayon Palazzo Pant with elasticated waistband with ethnic printed design. Loose flowy legs and ruched waist bands Our palazo pants are comfy casual chic. For yoga, yoga, massage, Casual, daily wear and comfortable in every seasons.

Malabeads for Yoga: –

Meditation through mantras, rudraksh mala strung with stones and yantras help bring a focus to your intention. The search for meaning to your actions and the results that follow is futile, this is what He intended, all you are is His method of deliverance. The spiritual universe manifests as mantras streaming the mind and then as infinite space illuminated with magnetic powerful energy, every particle in my body knows his divine presence, he is the supreme being, Shiva, Pure consciousness, he permeates my being … peace, peace, peace.

Spiritual Tees Tunics for Yoga: –

Unisex tees is appropriate apparel for Men and women, both can wear it. Very soft to touch t-shirts give smooth comfort, stylish relaxed fit. Cotton tunics and kurtas are loose shirts made from breathable cotton fabric and you can team it up with skirts, and jeans.

Shri Yantras for Yoga: –

The worship of the Shri Chakra is central to the Shri Vidya system of Hindu worship. The Sri Yantra also represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine. Simple and elegant. Yantra pendants or altars are cosmic symbols of divine energy that brings a focus to your meditation and create a force field around you. Energize your chakras combining malas and yantras and bring a multitude of blessings to your efforts

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Qualities That Makes A Great Yoga Teacher

If you have attended any yoga training before, you would have noticed some few things about the Yoga instructor. What are those qualities that makes a yoga teacher go from good to great? You will notice that in most cases, the instructor might be great technically but the class is always boring. On the other hand, the class could be filled with fun, but the instructor might be a bit lacking in expertise. Here are some qualities that you should have as a certified yoga instructor, to help you move forward in your career.

1. Energy and your personality

This is one quality that the certified yoga instructor should pay great attention to. Although this quality also differs from one yoga teacher to another. You will find out that some may warm your heart with the way they do their teachings, while others may bring some form of light heartedness and sense of humor. On a normal note, your energy should be focused, calm, centered and enthusiastic.

2. Ability to connect with people

As a certified yoga teacher, one quality you should have as well is to connect easily with your students. This should happen naturally, no matter the size of your class. You should be able to make everyone feel very comfortable and special. This will make them to feel like they belong somewhere. Some signs of a great Yoga teacher is that he or she must touch the heart of the students.

3. Preparation and planning

It is always a great idea to have a working plan for your yoga classes. But the bottom line is good preparation will boost your confidence level. You should already what you want to do in class, try as much as possible to talk with your students and create a peaceful atmosphere before you start the practice proper. It will help to prepare the minds of your students and also cause you to capture the attention of your students.

4. Strong presence

You must completely command the attention of your students, for you to be regarded as a successful yoga teacher. Your student should be so interested in the class that they want to watch every move you make.

5. Flexibility

Having some form of flexibility as a certified yoga instructor is good, but not just for your body alone. Remember that you are teacher people who have different body sizes as well as flexibility. As a great yoga teacher, you should be able to adjust your teachings to suit your students. This is a special intuition. You have to listen and pay attention to your students.

6. Teaching with love

It is very easy to spot yoga teachers who really love what they do. Despite the feelings between yoga teachers and varies. Some might feel burned out and there are also some that may not even know their feelings. In a nutshell, the aim of yoga is to improve the mind, body as well as spirit. When you meet a yoga teacher that loves what he or she does, that same feeling is transferred to the students.

It is every yogi's dream to have a successful career. It all starts from you and end up with you. For beginners, it is very easy to achieve. It only takes some time of commitment and you are good to go.

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Effects Of Yoga On Some Medical Conditions

The practice of yoga has existed for more than 5,000 years now. Currently, a lot of people have keyed into this ancient practice, owed to its benefits and contributions to general health and wellness. Most practice of yoga in the western world, focus majorly on learning physical poses. These physical posts are called asanas. They also add some types of breathing as well as some meditation techniques. Well, the main focus of some yoga styles is for relaxation, but there are some that will teach you how to move your body in new ways. The most important thing for you to do is to choose the right one for you. Once you have done that, practice regularly to get maximum result. In a nutshell, it can help you to build your strength, balance as well as flexibility.

How yoga can help you improve your strength, flexibility and balance.


Sometimes, when most people are told about yoga, the first thing that happens is that they start imagining themselves stretching like a gymnast. Well! If you are worried that you are too old to do all that, then you better have a change of mind. You can never be too old to improve your flexibility, and live a healthy life. That is just the basic truth. The different types of yoga asanas are designed to stretch your muscles. When this happens, it may cause the release of the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use, which may lead to tension, stiffness, pain as well as fatigue. Another health benefit of yoga is that it increases the lubrication in the joints. You already know the outcome of proper lubrication. It results to ease and fluidity through your entire body.


It is proper for you to know that some yoga styles, such as ashtanga as well as power yoga are more vivid than others. Regular practice of one of these styles, will certainly assist your muscle toning. Other yoga poses like downward and upward dog, as well as plank pose, helps to build your upper body strength. The standing poses, mostpecially if you hold them for long breath, will help you build strength in your hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominal muscles.


When your strength as well as flexibility is increased, you will have a better posture. Most of the standing and sitting poses that we do, help us to build our core-strength. Having a strong core will most likely, enable you to sit and stand tall.

Effects of yoga on some medical conditions

There are a lot of benefits that the therapeutic yoga, which is also called integrative yoga therapy offers. It is specifically used as an adjunct treatment for some particular conditions ranging from clinical depression to heart related diseases. Yoga can also help to alleviate the symptom of asthma, arthritis, as well as back pain. Yoga can also benefit patients with insomnia as well as multiple sclerosis. It may also have some positive effects on learning and memory.

There is always too much to talk about, when it comes to the benefits of practicing yoga. Start your yoga practice today, and transform your health status at once.

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Emotional Freedom Through Yoga

When the weather and seasons change, we often feel our bodies respond. When it's colder outside, we feel more contained and stiff. When it's warmer, we feel open and supple. But during this transition period, where they may be more rain or flowers blooming, there may be energy and emotions stuck in the heart and the hips that need to move out and around! All you need is a yoga mat, bolsters, and a yoga belt to get yourself on the way to spring cleaning yourself out.

Our hearts are the emotional center of love, joy, gratitude, and peace. However, when we suppress our emotions, they often get stuck down in the hips. And when we go to our yoga mat- we feel it! Here are two poses you can try to get yourself emotionally free today.

Gomukhasana / Cow Face Pose

Here, we will open the hips and the heart together. Start by tucking your left leg underneath your right so the knees are squeezed tightly together in front of you. If this is uncomfortable, simply cross your legs or stack your hips up on a bolster.

Root your sitting bones down into the ground and then reach your right arm up and left your arm back. Reach for the hands behind you or clasp onto your belt for assistance. Take 5 deep breaths here and then fold forward and hold for another 5-10 breaths. Slowly release and either move onto the next pose or practice the other side.

Restorative Pigeon Pose / Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana

Transitioning from Gomukhasana, swing the right leg back and shift the hips so they are square to the front. Make sure the front leg is externally rotated so the knee points toward the front left corner of your mat. For a deep, supportive variation, place a bolster underneath your hips and one in front of you.

Straighten out your back leg and lengthen your spine on an inhale. As you exhale, slowly fold forward. Drape your torso and head over the bolster and give it a nice hug. Exhale all of your stress and old, toxic thoughts and feelings away. Breathe deeply into your hips. Allow yourself to sink and surrender into this supported pigeon pose. Stay for 2 minutes.

Active Pigeon Pose

If you desire a more dynamic practice of pigeon pose, try the full variation. You can still use a bolster for support under the hips if needed. Set the legs up in the same position. This time, keep the torso upright and reach back for your right foot with your right hand. Rotate the arm so that you point the elbow up to the sky and bring the foot closer to your head, ever reaching back with the other arm.

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